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Want to find a 4-leafed clover? Learn about the Clover Mites!

Four-leafed clovers are associated with St. Patrick’s Day and are believed to bring good luck to the finder! However, there…

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Learn about the Bed Bug Eggs & Life Cycle!

This blog is about the eggs of a bed bug. These pests are known to be at their most active…

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Bunnies Are Not the Only Ones that Like to Hop! Learn about the Grasshopper!

Now that the Easter has already happened this year, it is important to note that bunnies are not the only ones…

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Do You Like Eggs For Easter? Learn to Use Eggshells as Organic Pest Control!

Pest control often requires using a variety of products to control moderate to severe infestations. Natural, organic products can also be…

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