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Carpenter Ant Vs. Termite Damage

Brown recluse spider.

Carpenter Ants and Termite might seem to be the same to the untrained eyes, but they are totally different from each other. Oblong in shape, almost the similar size with for wings, both Carpenter Ants and Termites boats somewhat similar physical characteristics, but if we talk about their detailed characteristics, then they are different from each other.

If we talk about how dangerous both of them are, you should immediately take pest control measures if your home is infested with any of these pests. Termites have the insatiable ability to chew through wood, flooring, and wallpaper without being noticed. Due to this, Termites are often called “Silent Destroyers.” On the other hand, the Carpenter Ants infestation can also go unnoticed, but unlike Termites, Carpenter Ants can take a lot of time, say years, to cause significant damage.

This was just a brief about Carpenter Ant Vs. Termite Damage. If you are excited enough to know more about this topic, then we have got your back! Read the entire thoroughly and get precise information about everything related to Carpenter Ants and Termites.

Common Places to Find Carpenter Ant Damage 

Carpenter Ants are highly capable of damaging any sort of wood in which they nest. Their infestation can become serious when left unnoticed or untreated. In some situations, a colony of Carpenter Ants can develop satellite nests that can cause severe damage to your home. These ants rarely nest in dry wood. 

 The indoor Carpenter Ants infestations can be easily noticed by entry points like attic vents, cracks, foundations, pipes, electric wires, and telephone lines. Carpenter Ants do not gain any nutritional value from wood; instead, they use their powerful mandibles to damage the wood and make nests. Their pincers can also give you a painful bite if you are not careful around these pests. These kinds of ants clean and polish their galleries of wood so that they seem to be smooth inside. 

The potential damage caused by Carpenter Ants to a house or building totally depends upon a number of factors, the number of ants, and the size of nests that are present in one area. The longer the ant infestation remains untreated, the more serious the damage can result. For this reason, it is always suggested to locate Carpenter Ants and their nests as early as possible.

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Where do Carpenter Ants Live in Your Home? 

If you’ve Carpenter Ants in your house, but you are having a difficult time locating them, then we’re here to help you. In this section, we’ve come up with a list of places where you can find Carpenter Ants in your home.

Carpenter Ants generally prefer to nest in structural lumber like wall voids, windows, hollow doors, and foam panels. This provides a safe habitat for their queen. They primarily seek wood that has been softened by decay, moisture, or other insects. As a result, most of these ant nests are found in decaying wood in common areas like windows, chimneys, doorframes, sinks, or bath traps.

When carpenter ants nest outdoor, they are usually found in hardwood trees that consist of holes and other imperfections. Whenever the Carpenter Ants nest in non-wooden areas, it means that they have found an alternate place that provides them steady temperature, protection from environmental conditions, and safety from natural enemies.

Indoors, Carpenter Ants nests might be located in wood suffering from decay or moisture damage. Unlike Termites, Carpenter Ants do not eat wood, but they burrow through wood with the help of their mouthparts and excavate galleries for their nests.

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Do Carpenter Ants Cause As Much Damage As Termites?

Both Carpenter Ants and Termites have the distinction of causing more damage and wreaking more havoc among homeowners than the other members in the insect kingdom. If we compare the damage and destruction caused by Carpenter Ants and Termites, then Termites are far more destructive than Carpenter Ants in terms of dollar damages. The damage caused by them can run into the billions each year within the United States. This figure of damage can prove to be more staggering when it comes to the destruction caused to crops or building structures, which amounts to nearly $30 billion.

On the other hand, Carpenter Ants are no slouches, but they usually fall behind their brethren, causing property damage that costs into the millions.

So, in short, Termites cause more damage than Carpenter Ants, but it does not necessarily mean to ignore the Carpenter Ants. If you’ve any of them in your house, call the pest control team today and get your home free from destructive pests.

 What are the Differences between Carpenter Ant and Termite Damage? 

One of the significant differences between Carpenter Ants and Termite Damage is the way they create galleries and tunnels. Carpenter Ants create galleries and tunnels that are smooth, neat, and have a finished appearance. On the other hand, the galleries and tunnels created by Termites have a rough and rugged feel and will be caked with mud. Sometimes, you may even see mud tubes created by Termites on the foundation or other walls.

As stated above, Termites are “Silent Destroyers” as they have the ability to chew through wood, flooring, or wallpaper undetected. Similar to Termites, Carpenter Ants infestations oftentimes go undetected until it is too late.

The overall damage caused by Carpenter Ants is not much severe as caused by Termites. As the number of individuals grows inside a gallery or colony, they continue to expand through the wood that causes more damage.

What Attracts Carpenter Ants into Your Home?

One of the common questions that you might have in your mind is “What Attracts Carpenter Ants into your House”? Well, if you have still not got an answer to this question, then we have got you covered. Here, we’re with a list of things that attracts Carpenter Ants into your home.


Carpenter Ants love moisture, and this indicates that moist and damp areas in your house attract them. If you’ve got a leak in your home that is not adequately taken care of, then this is a huge attraction for them. The Carpenter Ants love to live in an area where condensation might collect, like windows and doorways. Additionally, bathrooms, kitchens, drains, pipes are also major attractions.

Debris Piles

Firewood left outdoors that has gotten wet is Carpenter Ant’s favorite. If you ever bring multiple pieces of firewood inside that harbor Carpenter Ants, this is another way to get them inside your house.


Carpenter Ants love sugar and protein. All that Carpenter Ants love is the pet food that is left lying around your house. They are extremely attracted to honeydew, which is a sweet liquid processed by aphids. Carpenter Ants mostly forage for food at night and search for anything sweet, sticky, or meaty. In addition to this, garbage cans that are not perfectly sealed are also a great attraction. 

Contact Clegg’s Pest Control

This was all about Carpenter Ant Vs. Termite Damage. Though Carpenter Ant does not cause much damage as that of Termites, but it is essential to get rid of them too. Keeping your house free of Carpenter Ants and Termites all year long requires precise prevention of the things that usually attract them as well as pest control from professionals. So, what are you waiting for? Take necessary measures and keep Carpenter Ants and Termites away from your home.

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