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How Far Can Bed Bugs Travel?

bed bugs on matress

If you have ever found yourself with the haunting infestation of bed bugs, you know the panic that can set in quicker than ever. Contrary to popular belief, even the cleanest of spaces can become infested with bed bugs, and no home or business is truly off-limits to these pests. These nimble and incredibly adaptable bugs are loathed by consumers because of the difficulty it takes to finally exterminate them from a space. Bed bugs thrive and feed off a blood source, and they can live for an entire year without feeding. As far as their ability to travel to different places, bed bugs will regularly travel up to 20-feet and back from their place of harborage when they have established a known food source. Whether you are a home or business owner, keeping bed bugs at bay is imperative and having pest control professionals to help you in this endeavor is key.

How do bed bugs make their way into your home?


Because of their ability to adapt to environments and go such long periods without feeding, home and business owners may not even know how or when a bed bug infestation has occurred once its presence is discovered. Bedbugs often find their way into homes and business spaces by way of upholstered furniture and things brought into the space. Bed bugs can infest a piece of furniture, create a nest inside, and not indicate their presence for quite some time. When purchasing used furniture, the risk of bed bugs should never be completely ruled out. These irritating pests can also come into your home through luggage, backpacks, linens, and any upholstered item. 

Can bed bugs spread from home to home?


Bed bugs spread from home to home primarily by way of moving items within the home. If walls are shared in a housing building such as an apartment complex or hotel, bed bugs can travel from room to room, spreading and making homes wherever they please. Because of their innate size, bed bugs have the ability to squeeze through small crevices and cracks easily. Their bodies are approximately one-quarter inch long and relatively flat. Bed bugs do not have wings, so their need to latch onto an upholstered piece of furniture or bag is ultimately their lifeline if they want to continue spreading from one building to the next.

Can your pets bring bed bugs into your home?

When a bed bug feeds, it attaches itself to a host and feeds for about five minutes. It then detaches itself and moves to a place of harborage for rest. While humans are perfectly susceptible hosts for bed bugs, pets are common culprits as well. Pets can pick up bed bugs from another pet and bring them into your home or business very easily. A pet’s fur is perfect for camouflaging these pests, and once inside your space, the bed bugs can crawl away until their next feeding. It is no surprise that bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eradicate from a home or business. Professional pest control is the most effective way to keep bed bugs at bay.

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