Can Mosquitos Bite Through Yoga Pants?

Can mosquitoes bite through yoga pants


Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Yoga Pants? And Other Mosquito Facts!

Oh North Carolina. So beautiful. So humid. So full of mosquitos. If you have ever spent the warmer months in NC, you know just how unbearable the mosquitos can get in the humid heat of our beloved state. Our Clegg’s Pest Control team works around the clock during the summer treating and preventing mosquito infestations at homes throughout NC. We get lots of mosquito questions from our customers across the state, and one of the most common is: Can mosquitos bite through yoga pants? More broadly the question many have seems so to be, can mosquitos bite through clothing in general?


Can mosquitoes bite through yoga pants? Can they bite through jeans and other clothing?  


Unfortunately the answer is yes, mosquitoes can bite through yoga pants. They can bite through even thicker fabric too! Have you worn yoga pants, jeans, or tight shorts and noticed red mosquito bites underneath? Unfortunately not only thin fabrics like the synthetic that yoga pants are made from are vulnerable to the long proboscis of mosquitos. Thicker fabrics like cloth or cotton t shirts and even jeans are also not mosquito-proof. They can even be more vulnerable than thinner fabrics that you would find in something like a windbreaker!


Mosquitoes biting through jeans


Why is this? Well it is because the way that mosquitoes bite you is by sticking their long proboscis into your skin. This needle-like stabbing mechanism attached to their face is long enough to penetrate through thick fabrics if that fabric is close to your skin. That is why jeans and thick fabrics can be worse than thin, loose fabrics like jackets. Even though jeans and wool socks are thick, they are often tight to your skin. This gives the mosquito room to stab into your skin through the fabric. Thinner synthetic fabrics like those found in light jackets are not very thick, but they are loose and away from your skin. This makes it more difficult for mosquitos to stab all the way through to your skin, even though the fabric is thin. In the case of yoga pants, the fabric is typically thinner AND tight to the skin. That means easy prey for mosquitos!


How to prevent mosquito bites

Mosquito resistant clothing


If you are looking to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, there are a few best practices to avoid being feasted upon.

  1. If you are spending time outside, loose fitting synthetic materials provide the most mosquito resistance, so wear those! Avoid tight fitting clothing
  2. Spray mosquito spray on your clothes directly. If you spray your clothes directly before hiking, this will help prevent mosquitoes from trying to eat you through your clothing.
  3. Wear bug proof clothing! Many outdoor retailers like REI and Outdoor Provision Company sell clothing that is designed to prevent mosquito bites. If you hate being bitten by mosquitos, it could definitely be worth the investment!





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