Why Do I Get More Mosquito Bites Than Other People?

Why Do I Get More Mosquito Bites Than Other People?


Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes seem to swarm around you, but leave other people alone? It is not because your blood is sweeter than your friends’, but there could be some characteristics you possess that make you a more attractive host for mosquitoes. 

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Do Mosquitoes Prefer a Certain Blood Type?


There are eight common blood types out there. Some of our clients have asked us if mosquitoes prefer a certain blood type. The answer to this is yes. Mosquitoes have a preference when it comes to blood type. During a study conducted by the United States National Institute of Health, mosquitoes seemed to prefer hosts with type O blood. After type O blood, the mosquitoes seemed to go after type A blood. Based on this information, those with type O or A blood should put on a little extra mosquito repellant. 


Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Body Odor?


Another factor that can determine who gets bit by more mosquitoes is body odor. Not body odor that is covered up by deodorant but the natural odor that is emitted from the oils on our skin. Everyone has a unique smell that can either naturally attract, or naturally repel mosquitoes. If you have a body odor that attracts mosquitoes you will be bit more often than somebody who has an odor that is not as attractive to mosquitoes. 


Do Mosquitoes Prefer a Certain Blood Type?

What Colors Attract Mosquitoes?


Just like people, mosquitoes have a favorite color. Some of our customers have asked our mosquito experts whether or not mosquitoes are attracted to certain colors. Mosquitoes are attracted to some colors more than others. Studies show that mosquitoes are attracted to the color black. You could be being bit more than other people because you are wearing black or other dark colored clothing. If you wear black clothes you will be more likely to get bit by mosquitoes. To avoid being bit, wear light colored clothes. Colors such as white, light blue, light yellow and light pink do not attract mosquitoes as much as darker colors. 

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