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Are dragonflies bad for my garden?

dragonfly in nc garden



Lots of bugs and insects are simply pests, like ants, roaches, bed bugs, or termites. However, other insects are much more popular and more appreciated than feared. The ladybug, for example is rarely hated, and most people love when fireflies come out. Another example of an insect that more people consider a interesting than annoying is the dragonfly.


No one wants to see a spider or a colony of ants in their yard, but few people take offense when they see a couple of dragonflies flitting quickly between plants in their backyard. This could be because they are usually brightly colored and interesting to look at, and they rarely bother humans. Despite their relative popularity we often get the question from our customers and neighbors: are dragonflies bad for my garden?


Are dragonflies bad for my yard or garden?

Not to worry, if dragonflies have moved into your garden or yard, you have nothing to fear. In fact, there is a real benefit to having dragonflies living among your plants, and some people actually try to attract them to their homes. This is because dragonflies are rather famous for eating mosquitoes and flies, as well as occasionally other flying insects like moths and occasionally smaller butterflies.


Don’t worry though, most of their diet consists of mosquitoes! Living in the hot and humid southeast as we do, that means it can be helpful to have these critters around, thinning out the mosquito population around your home. So no, dragonflies are not bad for your garden, and they will not harm your plants. If you have some making their garden your home, hopefully they will take out as many mosquitoes as they can!


However, if you are looking to solve a mosquito problem, instead of waiting for dragonflies to move in you can always call our Clegg’s Pest Control team at (888) MRCLEGG and have us come take care of the problem for you!


dragonfly on garden plant




Do dragonflies bite?

Thinking about trying to catch one of those dragonflies living in your garden? Be careful, they are not huge fans of being held. While dragonflies rarely, if ever, attack humans unprovoked, they can bite if you try to catch them. Very few dragonflies outside of the really big ones can bite with enough force to break the skin, but they can definitely cause an “ouch” if you aren’t careful. Therefore, it may be wisest to simply admire dragonflies from afar, and let them tend to clearing the mosquitoes and other pesky flying insects out of your garden.


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