Can Bed Bugs Get in Your Hair?

can bed bugs in hair

It’s bad enough to be dealing with bed bugs; do you have to worry about finding them in your hair?? While these critters can be tough to catch in your home, you will probably know whether or not they’re actually on you. One common question our bed bug inspectors get though is: can bed bugs get in your hair?

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Do Bed Bugs Live in Hair?


Bed bugs do not usually make a home in a person’s hair, since they tend to prefer dark and cool spaces that are secluded from light and activity. They don’t like being tossed around and will quickly head back to their hideout when they sense movement.


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They also don’t have the ability to cling to hair, as it is too thin and doesn’t give them the traction they need to hang on for a ride. Since they aren’t as active during the day, we employ two bed bug detection dogs to help us find every last pest.

Are you worried about bed bug eggs? Don’t be. They aren’t sticky enough to latch onto your mane, and bed bugs won’t lay their eggs in a warm environment anyway. If you think you might have bed bugs in your hair, consider (as much as we hate to say it) that it may be lice instead.


How Do Bed Bugs Travel?


These little pests will hitch a ride on clothing, linens, backpacks, and furniture, which makes bed bugs a common problem for travelers. If you’re concerned about a bed bug problem, be sure to wash your clothing, bedding, and towels immediately after returning from your trip, and take a good look in the corners of your luggage for any stowaways.

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How Do I Know I’ve Been Bitten by Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs leave small, red bites in a row or cluster that can later become itchy. You will often find bite marks on your arms and legs, although they have also bitten people while sleeping on the neck. Since bed bugs don’t like hair and can’t easily make their way through it, you probably won’t have any bites on your scalp. Of course, there’s an exception to every rule, and anyone who is bald may find bites on their head.


Bed Bugs Back After Treatment


How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs?


Regular inspections are the first step in keeping bed bugs at bay, and making sure that bed bugs are gone. You should also check any hotel rooms for bed bugs upon arrival and be sure to wash your clothing in hot water when you get home.

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