Bugs Are in My Couch

bed bugs in sofa

Do you have bugs in your couch? Creepers in the cushions? No matter how often you clean your home or office, couches, sofas, and chairs can still be a hotspot for pests. There are several different types of insects that think your couch is the perfect place to call home – learn more about what could be lurking beneath those cushions and call Clegg’s Pest Control to take care of your pest problem today.

What Type of Bugs Hide in Couches?

If you thought “bed bugs” then you’re right! Bed bugs are a common culprit, but there are other insects that think your couch is the perfect place to relax and unwind. These include fleas, dust mites, and carpet beetles.

Bed Bugs in My Couch

Bed bugs are small, brown or reddish insects that are flat and oval in shape. Their small size makes them difficult to spot, especially since many couches are full of seams, cracks, and blankets that can hide them.

Look for dark brown spots along the seams of your sofa or under couch cushions. You’ll also notice the presence of bed bugs if you experience small, red bites (often occurring in a line) after relaxing on the couch.

Bed Bugs Back After Treatment

Fleas in My Couch

Fleas are a common problem in homes with pets, since our furry friends are often invited to cuddle up on the couch. However, fleas can also make their way into homes without pets. If you have fleas on your couch, you’ll see small insects jumping around your couch. Fleas can also bite humans, resulting in small, itchy bites. Female fleas can lay up to 50 eggs a day, and when they hatch, the larvae will hide in couch cushions.

If you notice fleas in your couch or around your home, contact us today for treatment options.

Dust Mites in My Couch

If you have dust mites in your couch, there is no way you’ll be able to see them with the naked eye. These microscopic arachnids contain proteins that aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms in people. If you’re experiencing sneezing, sinus pain, headaches, skin rashes, or itchy eyes, don’t just chalk it up to seasonal allergies – this could be a dust mite infestation!

Clover Mites

Carpet Beetles in My Couch

There are many different species of carpet beetle, and while these insects do not bite people or pets, their main source of food comes from keratin, which is found in hair, fur, and feathers. You’ll want to treat carpet beetle infestations quickly, as they are fast to reproduce; females can lay anywhere from 30 to 100 eggs in the creases of your sofa, which can lead to a much larger infestation in a matter of days.

If you see small holes in your fabric or spot brown, bristled molted skins, contact your nearest Clegg’s office for treatment.

Second-Hand Furniture

If you are giving or receiving furniture, be sure to inspect it first for signs of the pests listed above. This is a major source of infestations.

Our team of Clegg’s Pest Control heroes is here to keep you safe, healthy, and comfortable. If you suspect your home or furniture is hosting insects or pests, call us today to schedule your free initial inspection.

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