Can My Child Get Bed Bugs From School?

can my kid get bed bugs from school

Bed bugs are a huge nuisance to anyone they come across, and it can be difficult to pinpoint where they came from. Since these insects are great at moving around undetected and can latch onto a variety of objects, they often go along for the ride when a person travels, moves from room to room, or visits a new location. 

Despite their name, bed bugs can make a home in a variety of soft surfaces, and they can be common in colleges and child care centers. Remember, bed bugs do not infest people, they simply tag along for a ride on them. If you or your child is dealing with a bed bug issue at home, Clegg’s Pest Control can help treat the problem. A bed bug situation at school should be handled with care. Contact us online or call us at 888-MRCLEGG for an in-home inspection or for more tips on how to prevent them from coming home with your child. 

What Are Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs are small, nocturnal insects that are rust or brown in color. They do not transmit disease but their bites can cause itchiness and eventually, residents with bed bugs may have trouble sleeping due to anxiety around a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs do not live on people, they simply hide out in soft materials, like mattresses, couches, backpacks, cardboard boxes, and other materials. 

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How Do Bed Bugs Travel?


These pests move on and off people at any time, and for students in particular, they can nestle into backpacks and coats and hitch a ride home. 


Bed Bugs in Schools


If a bed bug is found on a student, that does not mean that particular student brought the bed bug to school with them. If someone sees a bed bug in a classroom or on a friend, notify the administration immediately. One pest is not an indicator of an infestation, although schools can be a convenient place for bed bugs to move from one residence to another. 

If a classroom has an infestation, all life cycles of the bed bug will be present in that area, including eggs, nymphs, and full-grown adult insects. This will require treatment by a professional pest control company. 

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How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs in School?


If a student carries a bed bug to school with them, there isn’t much you can do to eliminate the source other than contacting parents and requesting a clean change of clothes be delivered. (Make sure these new clothes have been heat treated and arrive in a sealed plastic bag to avoid further spread.) Students with bed bugs should be evaluated by a school nurse, and the bed bugs should be kept for identification by a pest control professional. 

Backpacks, lunch boxes, and coats can be kept in sealed plastic containers to keep the potential spread of bed bugs to a minimum, and regular cleaning can help keep their presence at bay. 

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Keep Bed Bugs Away with Clegg’s Pest Control


Our team of pest control professionals is ready to help eliminate the source of bed bugs in both residences and businesses. From homes to schools to offices and hotels, we’ve treated bed bugs with highly effective techniques and helped our customers get back to the things that matter most. 

If you believe your child may have been exposed to bed bugs, either at home or at school, contact our team for more information about treatment options. 


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