Do campfires repel mosquitoes?

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Does Smoke Repel Mosquitoes?

Camping is much more fun during warmer months when you don’t have to sleep in 5 layers of clothing just to stay warm. Unfortunately, camping in the warmer months also means you’ll likely be sharing your campsite with mosquitoes. You may think that your campfire will keep you safe from mosquitoes, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While it is true that smoke can repel mosquitoes, the effectiveness also depends on what you burn to produce that smoke. Different types of smoke from the burning of different materials can have different effects on mosquito activity.

Do Bonfires Repel Mosquitoes?

Those pesky little blood-suckers typically don’t like the smoke produced by bonfires. However, to be more certain about the effect the smoke will have on these insects, you should pay attention to what you are burning. If you are burning anything that would produce a sweet smell, like certain types of wood, it may end up attracting mosquitoes more than repealing them. It’s a good idea to avoid burning leftover food or adding anything that would change the smell to seem sweeter. Citronella can also be effective in discouraging mosquito activity.

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