Do Foggers Kill Bed Bugs?

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If you’re searching for an at-home, do-it-yourself treatment tool to help eliminate a bed bug problem, you might have heard about foggers. While we can’t tell you whether or not using one is appropriate for your situation without first conducting an inspection, we can provide information you need to make an informed decision. 

The team at Clegg’s Pest Control has been serving residents throughout the state since 1964, and we are always here to provide excellent service and effective treatments. Our team of highly trained and certified technicians can quickly get you back to more important things and eliminate any bug or pest problem you may be struggling with. If cost is one of the things keeping you from seeking professional help, we offer pest control payment plans! Don’t let your pest problem grow. Contact us online or call us at 888-MRCLEGG for more information today, or read on below for more information about foggers.

What is a Fogger?


Also referred to as a bug bomb, foggers contain an insecticide that is sprayed in mist form into the air, falling onto any exposed surfaces in your home. This insecticide must come in contact with the pest to effectively treat your problem. 

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Are Foggers Safe?


When you use a fogger, you will want to clear your counters and other spaces of all items and leave the room for the time length specified on the fogger. Depending on the chemicals used and strength of the fogger, you may need to leave the house altogether. Be sure to keep pets away from the area and clean all exposed surfaces thoroughly when you return.

The materials in foggers can be flammable, so read all directions carefully. Fire, explosion, and illness are all side effects of improper fogger usage. 


Are Foggers Effective on Bed Bugs?


While they can be effective in treating small pest problems, they typically do not work with insects that like to hide, like the bed bug. Because the insecticide is unable to penetrate cracks, crevices, and other places bed bugs are usually found, it is not effective and will not fully treat a bed bug infestation. 

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How Can I Treat Bed Bugs?


There’s a reason bed bugs are one of the most notorious pests around. They are extremely difficult to eliminate! These pests hide in a variety of places, including underneath wallpaper seams, in couches, on suitcases, and in boxes, just to name a few. The problem can return quickly if not all of the bed bugs are found and treated. 

While home treatments may be cheaper at first, the cost of treating a bed bug problem several times will quickly become more damaging to your wallet than if you let a pest control professional help you. Here at Clegg’s we offer free initial inspections and pest control payment plans, so you can get the information and treatment you need without breaking the bank. Plus, our bed bug detection dogs are specifically trained to locate every last insect, ensuring we conduct a thorough treatment the first time around.

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