Does Pollen In My Home Attract Insects?

pollen in home attracts bugs

Have you ever brought home a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the springtime, only to find that you’ve suddenly got insects in your house? While it might be easy to connect the two, pollen in your home, whether it be on store-bought flowers or potted pollinating plants, will only lure insects into your home if you leave the windows and doors open.

Yes, pollen in your house does attract insects. That’s it’s prime purpose, after all! But if you’re finding insects in your home, there may be underlying causes. A pest control professional from Clegg’s Pest Control can help you identify where these insects are coming from and create a custom plan to protect your home from flyers, creepers, and crawlers. Call us at 888-MRCLEGG or read on to learn more.


What is the Purpose of Pollen?


Pollen season here in North Carolina is synonymous with watery eyes and clouds of yellow dust floating through the air. While it can be annoying for allergy sufferers, pollen serves a very important purpose in our ecosystem. Plants produce pollen to reproduce; without it, we wouldn’t have food to eat! It gets carried by insects or environmental factors like wind and rain to ensure the survival of all of our plants, fruits, and vegetables.


pollen on plant


Are There Different Types of Pollen?


There are! Some pollen is heavy and sticky, like what you find in flowers. Other pollen is light and dusty, like the pollen from trees and grasses. This second type of pollen is what will affect allergy sufferers the most.


How Does Pollen Attract Insects?


Pollen has high amounts of protein, which makes it the perfect food for small insects. Bees are one of the most common insects that use pollen, and they will carry it from flower to flower, resulting in pollination. Plants attract pollinators like bees by being brightly colored and offering specific sizes and shapes of their petals.


However, just because you have some flowers on your kitchen table doesn’t mean a swarm of pollinators will be waiting at your window for a chance to sneak inside. There are many other sources of pollen readily available!


bugs on flower pollen


If you’re seeing insects in your home or office, there is probably another reason that they’re there. From cracks in your siding or foundation to holes in your screens, there are a variety of ways these bugs can get in your home. Fret not, we can help!


Choose Clegg’s Pest Control


If you are dealing with a pest problem this spring, trust the professionals at Clegg’s Pest Control to help you find a solution. We’ve been working with our friends and neighbors throughout North Carolina since 1964 and are ready to help you solve your insect woes this spring.


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