How Long Do Flies Live?


If you think that flies only live for twenty-four hours, we’ve got news for you. This common misconception leads many people to try to wait it out when they have a fly problem. One of the most common questions we get from customers is: how long do flies live? Most flies, including house flies and other species, will live approximately 28 days. 

This means that if you have flies in your home or office, it’s time to call in a professional. You’ll need someone who is trained in locating and eliminating the source or the problem and treating the pest at every stage of the life cycle. 

If you’re ready to kick those flies to the curb, contact the team of highly trained and fully licensed professionals at Clegg’s Pest Control. We’ve been serving our community for over fifty years, and we take great pride in providing custom treatment plans and five-star service every time. Call us at 888-MRCLEGG to get started! Read on below for more information about flies and advice about how to keep them out of your home!


House Fly Life Cycle

There are four stages in the fly life cycle, and each one can require different treatments. Female flies will lay eggs on a source of food, like rotting wood or other debris. These eggs will look like small grains of rice, and females are capable of laying well over 100 eggs at once, which means your fly problem can quickly go from bad to worse. 

Once they hatch, the eggs are now in the larvae stage. They will feed on the food source for hours or days before they enter the next stage, and during this time they are small, white, and limbless creatures. 

The pupa stage follows, during which they grow larger. Their skin will change color, turning yellow, brown, black, or red, and they will seek out a dark, quiet place. As they continue to grow, they will develop legs and wings and will turn into a fly as we know it. 

Once ready, the fly will leave the space where it transformed from pupa to fly and seek out food and shelter, beginning the entire process all over. 

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How Can I Prevent Flies?

Keep all window and door screens tightly sealed, clean your garbage disposal and other drains, and keep trash cans covered and food off of counters. If you notice a fly problem, contact Clegg’s for assistance. These flies can carry diseases and are a terrible nuisance, so you’ll want to treat the problem as soon as possible. 


House Fly Treatment

While it may be tempting to treat a fly problem yourself, these pests can contaminate food and food prep surfaces, exposing your family and friends to harmful bacteria and disease. When you work with a pest control professional from Clegg’s, you’ll have the expertise and proven techniques from over five decades of experience to help you eliminate the problem and get back to enjoying time with the people around you. 

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