How to Keep Bugs Out in Winter

keep bugs out during winter


Keep pests out of your home this winter with these tips from your Clegg’s Pest Control team!


When it’s cold outside, it’s time to bundle up and get toasty by the fire! Unfortunately, while you’re staying warm inside, so could critters and crawlers. This winter, make sure your home or business is safe from pests with these tips.

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Prevention is Key

The best way to keep bugs out is to not give them a chance to get inside in the first place! Check your doors for cracks and add a new threshold underneath if necessary. You can also use a door-seal kit to make sure bugs can’t enter.

Repair cracks in your foundation or bricks and replace damaged siding. Even the smallest of spaces is a welcome invitation to bugs. Therefore, be sure to inspect the structure of your home carefully.


In addition to these tips, be sure to dispose properly of trash, and keep the lids sealed tightly. Open trash can be like the bat signal for roaches and ants. They want to escape the cold or wet ground outside in favor of your dry home. If you do have a problem with roaches or ants in your home, call your local pest control heroes and let us leap to the rescue!


how to keep bugs out in winter in NC


Prevent Moisture Buildup During the Winter

Bugs and critters also love moisture. Therefore, make sure your gutters are up to par and your roof is ready to handle the snow and rain of the season. Consider installing a screen vent to your chimney. In addition, make sure all of the screens around your windows are properly installed. If you have a problem with moisture in your home, we can help!


Our moisture control team can install french drains and sump pumps to remove water buildup from your basement or crawlspace. We can also install a moisture barrier to ensure that moisture cannot get in through the walls or ground and create a breeding ground for pests. Moisture is one of the biggest problems we see during rainy or snowy winters, make sure you are prepared!

Protect Outdoor Supplies

If you have firewood resting near your house, consider moving it to a spot further away. Bugs will be attracted to the shelter provided by a wood pile, and may find an entryway from that safe haven into your home. Termites in particular love firewood. If you keep it out close to your home, you may as well be inviting them in for a full course buffet meal! If you have firewood to store, make sure it is safely away from your home and set aside in a shelter or shed.


stack firewood away from home to prevent pests


What Else Can I Do?

If you’re wondering what else you can do to prevent unwelcome critters from moving into your warm abode this winter, call one of our pest control heroes at 888-MRCLEGG to discuss your unique situation and schedule a free inspection.

We are proud to serve you with a smile and look forward to helping you make this winter one of fun with friends and family. Contact us today to get started!


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