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How to Keep Labor Day Pest-Free

Labor Day Cookout

Labor Day is a great time to relax and spend time with family members. Backyard cookouts and games of cornhole are commonplace this time of year and are some of the most fun memories we can make with our families and friends. The last thing you want to deal with on a holiday is being harassed by a variety of bugs when you are spending time outdoors. The best way to rid yourself of a bug problem on Labor Day is to take some proactive steps ahead of time to prevent these pests from bothering you in the first place. 

What bugs are most likely to bother you during labor day?

Labor Day is a warm-weather holiday, and there are several types of bugs that thrive in this weather and could put a damper on your Labor Day celebrations. Mosquitos are arguably the most annoying pests out of the bunch and are most active in the hot summer months. Mosquitos breed in standing water and their eggs can develop in as little as four days. Birdbaths, gutters, or puddles of water around your yard are common breeding grounds for mosquitos and should be monitored to keep these bugs at bay.

Stagnant water sitting in buckets

Flies are another common summer bug that swarms around food and waste. Ants can be found in most backyards and these little critters can put a damper on your festivities if they are allowed to be in the area that you are eating as they will send their workers out to collect food for the colony.

Several methods to repel bugs

For mosquitos and flies, applying bug spray and using other repellants like citronella candles are some good options to keep the bugs away. To further rid yourself of an infestation it is important to eliminate the breeding grounds for these insects. Draining any standing water from pots, toys, gutters, and puddles in your yard will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property as mosquito larvae can thrive there. Keeping your trash cans sealed and your yard free of waste is a good way to keep the fly population down and avoid a swarm around your dinner table. In regards to ants, inspecting your area for any nearby mounds and treating them with pesticides, or moving your seating areas to a different part of the yard will help avoid any ants from inviting themselves to dinner. 

bug spray

What time do bugs start to come out?

Each type of insect has a different time of day that they prefer to be active. Mosquitos are most active around sunset as the heat of the day can cause them to dehydrate quickly. Flies, on the other hand, are most active during the day as they thrive on the warm weather to forage for food and lay eggs and then look for a place to rest in the evening, often under tree branches or leaves in your garden. Ants can appear at any time of day, but they are most active in the twilight hours, around sunrise and sunset. Knowing when these insects are the most active can help in preparing your space and making sure that all of your Labor Day festivities are a pest-free success. 

Insect Infestation? Call Clegg’s!

Sometimes the bug spray and bug-repelling candles can’t quite handle the job. If you have noticed that your backyard is infested with pests that buzzing around all the time, you may have a bigger problem than just a few bugs. Mosquito and fly infestations are common around Labor day due to the warm weather in North Carolina. If you have any feeling that you may have a pest infestation in your backyard, we can solve the problem so you can enjoy labor day outdoors with friends and family.

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