Is Pest Control Service Still Effective if Only Done to the Exterior of the Home?

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As we spend more time inside during these difficult times, we have probably become increasingly aware that pests are beginning to awake from their winter naps, and are making their early appearances in our homes. The last thing you need right now is for roaches to be building a home in your toilet paper fort you’ve built in your garage, or ants in your pantry. As we try to eliminate unnecessary contact and practice ‘social distancing’ according to our COVID policies, many clients are asking; will only spraying the outside of the home still be effective in keeping pests away?

Yes. You can have effective pest prevention by focusing attention on the exterior of your home. This is especially effective early in the spring as our goal with outside only treatment is to eliminate pests before bugs and rodents have a chance to become a problem in the interior of your home. Consistent external treatments are also effective at reducing/eliminating the average in-home pest problem as well. Our external only pest control option is a proactive approach which protects your home and family. Our treatments attack and repel pests outside before they have a chance to invade the inside of your home. In instances of infestation, however, our team would perform a more thorough inspection and develop a custom treatment plan that would involve in-home services.

How external pest control treatment works

External only pest control treatments use our specialized formula that our highly-trained technicians apply every one to three months in concentrated, specific entry areas. These areas include windows, doors, vents, pipes and eves; the places where pests are likely to try to enter. Additionally, our service reduces the insect population around your home, creating a soil barrier that extends up to 10 feet and onto your foundation wall. This preemptively reduces the ability of pests to get close enough to make it inside the home. 

Additionally, you as the homeowner can work collaboratively with us by heeding additional recommendations we may make about your property and how to achieve better results from our treatments. These recommendations may include: 

  • Trimming trees and brush away from the home so they cannot be used as an insect or rodent highway
  • Removing certain types of plants that attract specific pests 
  • Cleaning out leaf filled gutters that almost always lead to certain types of roaches (smokey brown cockroaches), or relocating/cleaning up garbage can area that attracts other types (American, German, etc)
  • Addressing excessive moisture areas that attract ants

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Effective pest control includes a routine service program which provides customized pest protection for your home. Whether inside or only on the outside with our “contact free pest control option”, we can effectively help you keep pests at bay. Call us to see how we can set up a contact free service package to keep pests and germs out of you home! 

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