What attracts house flies?

how to get rid of house flies

One of the most commonly seen pests in a home are house flies. They buzz around the house and most times the fly swatter just does not swat fast enough! While houseflies are mostly known for their annoyance, flies are capable of carrying infectious diseases and a home is not the place for them to be. It’s important to know what kinds of things house flies are attracted to so that we can know how to treat and prevent them. 

Houseflies are primarily attracted to: 

  • fresh garbage 
  • overripe produce
  • rotting meat
  • pet waste
  • sitting water in the yard
  • open containers of alcohol

Disposing of these things properly is pivotal in keeping house flies out of your homes. We know that you care greatly about your space and we do too. If you have seen house flies around your home and are ready for a professional to take care of them, call us at (888) MRCLEGG and schedule your FREE initial inspection. We know houseflies are irritating, so let us help you get them out of your home today!

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How do flies get inside?

House flies typically enter a home to feed on various things. One fly may enter when someone leaves the front door open too long, and before you know it, that fly has reproduced and you have an infestation. Flies often find openings in places where the home or business’ structure has been compromised. This includes things like gaps in window seals and doors and ripped window screens. Once inside, flies reproduce very quickly and they can become quite the problem. Their breeding grounds are typically in garbage cans and around moisture-rich places such as the kitchen sink or bathroom drains.


How can I prevent houseflies?

House flies have a very short life-span. However, since their ability to reproduce is high, preventing these pests is essential. Since houseflies enter from the outdoors, it is important to make sure all doors and windows are properly sealed and that there are no breaks in any screens of the windows. Keeping your garbage cans cleaned and taking the trash out in a timely manner is also prudent in keeping flies at bay. If you are a pet owner, you should be picking up and disposing of your pet’s waste immediately to help keep flies away. Keeping food off the countertops is helpful too, along with keeping lids on any opened food. 

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