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Why do I get ants in my house every year?

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Why Do I Get Ants In My House Every Year?

As pest control pros, this has to be one of the most common questions we hear from our customers, or even from friends who want to lean on us for pest-related advice. Ants are one of the most common frustrations for homeowners and renters alike, and unfortunately one of the most common bugs in NC. Ultimately, there are several reasons that you could be having such a constant problem with ants in your home. If you have ants, call our Clegg’s team and we will get to work exterminating the infestation. However, there are also some precautions that you can take as a homeowner to protect your property, and some common causes of ant infestations. Let’s explore those a bit, and shed some light on why these insects may be causing you so much trouble.


What attracts ants to my home?

One of the most common attractors of ants is food residue on the floor or countertops of your home. If there are crumbs or bits of sugary goodness under your counters or in the corners of your kitchen, that is like flashing the bat signal for these pesky insects. If you have small children or pets like us it can be especially difficult to keep your floor clean, and in these cases ants are even more common. Make sure that your floors and counters are clean and that there are no crumbs strewn about the kitchen, and you will take a big step toward preventing ant infestation in your home. Ants are also increasingly common during the wet and hot seasons of Spring and Summer, especially here in North Carolina. During these seasons, it is even more important to keep your kitchen and dining room as free as possible of the crumbs of food that act like beacons for ant colonies.


Ants eating food on the floor


How do ants get into my house?

Unfortunately for homeowners, ants are very difficult to keep out of the home. They are tiny and clever insects, and kind find their way into your home through even the smallest of holes or gaps. To help prevent ants in your home, make sure every entry and exit point to your home is properly sealed and protected against ants. Many people use caulk as a method of sealing doors and windows against ants. We make a perimeter inspection a part of every ant extermination job, as sealing entry points is one of the most important parts of ant prevention. We also always check the crawlspace of the home, as this is a common collection point for ants. If you see ants in your home, we recommend you check your crawlspace as well to see if this is the origination of the infestation.


Why do ants keep coming back to my house?

If you work hard to keep ants out of your home, but they still keep finding their way inside your property, it could be that you have not destroyed the ant hill and the source of the colony. To completely ensure the extermination of an ant infestation, it is crucial to find and destroy the ant hill. If you clean your house and kill the ants currently in your home, but do not find and destroy their ant hill, it is very possible that you have only paused the infestation, not eliminated it completely. Many times you have to literally follow the line of ants back to the source in order to find and destroy the ant hill. This can be difficult, but it is a crucial step in exterminating the ant infestation in your home.


NC yard ant hill colony



Need help with ants in your home or business? Call Clegg’s!

There is definitely honor in wanting to take care of an ant infestation on your own, but if you have ants you should call our Clegg’s team and let us take care of them for you! With over 50 years of experience in ant extermination in NC, we know all the tricks when it comes to quickly identifying and exterminating an ant infestation. Don’t let ants run you out of house and home, call our Clegg’s ant control team at (888) MRCLEGG and let us get to work defending your home today!


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