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Why do I have bugs in my house after it rains?

more bugs after it rains



Ever wondered why your home or business seems to become a haven for pests after it rains? Bugs like ants and roaches can become more common after heavy rainfall, and the reason why is a mystery to many. That is why one of the most common questions our Clegg’s team members get when applying pest control treatment after heavy rain is: why do I have more bugs in my house after it rains? Let’s discuss.


Why do pests hate precipitation?



It is common for pests like ants and roaches to pop up more in your home or business after a heavy rain. This especially true after periods of heavy and sustained rainfall, like during a hurricane here in NC. So why is this? Why does it seem like there are more bugs in your home during or after it rains? Well, the answer is that bugs like the rain about as much as we do, which is not at all! Roaches, for example, live in drains, pipe, sewers, and other places that typically flood due to heavy rain. To avoid drowning, they will flee upward by whatever means necessary. Even if that means following a drain or pipe into your home! It is very common for people to find roaches in their home after it rains that have moved up from their crawlspace or foundation, or travelled in through their pipes or drains.


nc flooding more bugs




Another pest that is infamous for showing up after a rainshower is the ant. These insects usually live our in your front or backyard in their little mounds and holes, but when the rain comes they find their homes flooded and destroyed. Does that mean they simply leave and never return? Unfortunately not. Instead, ants are more apt to simply head for your home, the driest and warmest location nearby that can provide them shelter. They’ll find their way in however possible, through cracks, under doors, anything to escape the rain.


House centipedes

The third pest that frequently pops up after a heavy rain is the house centipede. Though these many legged insects have a pretty disgusting and creepy appearance, they are actually good for your home in a way. They usually live under the house in the foundation or crawl space, and can chase off other insects like roaches, ants, or moths. However, like roaches and ants these creatures quickly make their way up to drier territory like the living room after a heavy rain. It is very common for increased sightings of house centipedes to occur after a thunderstorm or prolonged rain during a hurricane. Want to get rid of these unwelcome insect intruders? Don’t worry, call Clegg’s!


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Suffering from bugs in your home after a storm or hurricane in NC? Call Clegg’s!

If you see insect survivors of the latest storm or hurricane scurrying around your home or business, call our Clegg’s team at (888) MRCLEGG or contact us here online! We will have them out of your home and back outside where they belong in no time.


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