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Tired of seeing bugs and pests in your Greensboro home or business?


It can get exhausting, spending hours and hours cleaning to keep your home free of unwanted bugs and pests only for them to still make their way inside! It’s possible that your pest problem goes beyond the cleanliness of your home or business, and has a more serious origin. Our experienced technicians are able to identify the root of the issue to make sure that bugs stay away for good. We employ the latest, most effective, and safest pest control treatments in the industry. Whether your problem is spiders, roaches, or more serious, our sustainable approach to pest control will ensure you spend more time to relax by the Wave Pool at Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park and less running from pests. Call Clegg’s today at (888) MRCLEGG to speak with one of our experienced technicians about your pest problem today!

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We are your Termite Exterminator in Greensboro!


Termites seem to always have a strong appetite, and leave homeowners to pick up the check after their work is done. The insect is notorious for causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes by eating through its wooden walls and foundation. Keep an eye on baseboards and other wooden areas around your home; if you see any of the following signs call Clegg’s Pest Control today.


  • Chipped or cracked wood
  • Discolored, cracked or bubbling paint
  • Wood sounds hollow when knocked on


When these termite signs occur in your home or business, it is usually an early indicator of a termite invasion. Do not hesitate; call Clegg’s Pest Control today at (888) MRCLEGG for a FREE termite inspection of your home. Our experienced technicians will inspect around your home and treat the issue from the source outward. Our friends and neighbors in Greensboro have trusted us to protect them and their families from termites for decades. We are ready to do the same for you! Call us or request an appointment here online and let us get to work for you today!



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Call our Clegg’s team for lasting Bed Bug Control in Greensboro


How is one supposed to comfortably sleep while sharing their bed with bugs? At Clegg’s we believe that your bed should be the most comfortable place in your life. That means bugs are not welcome! Unfortunately, bed bugs are notoriously difficult to detect. Contact our team at (888) MRCLEGG if you have noticed any of the following common signs of bed bug activity:

  1. Small black spots or drops of blood around sheets or mattress corners
  2. Small egg shells or droppings by bed or furniture
  3. Red marks or bites on arms and legs

If you feel that your home is vulnerable to bed bugs, call Clegg’s today at (888) MRCLEGG. Take advantage of our FREE bed bug inspection of you home to ensure that you and your family are sleeping comfortably (and alone) at night!



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Have bugs in your home? Call us for Quality Pest Control in Greensboro


Clegg’s Pest Control is absolutely committed to handling any pest control job that our neighbors need. Ants, roaches, flies, spiders, and more; there is no job that we have not seen before and treated quickly and effectively. Our Clegg’s Pest Control team are your local pest control heroes, and ready to leap into action to protect you and your family from unwelcome bugs.There is only one insect we support: Grasshoppers. Those that take the field at First National Bank Field! Let us take care of your bug infestation today so that you can head out and cheer on the Greensboro Grasshoppers along with Guilford the Grasshopper!




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Why Clegg’s Pest Control?


Clegg’s believes in being a locally responsive business. After more than 50 years in business, and growth to 13 locations, we still believe in treating our customers like friendly neighbors. That’s because, well, they are! We call North Carolina home and have since Rev. Ralph Clegg started the company in 1964. We are proud that members of our community trust us to protect their homes and would be honored for you to do so as well! Call our pest control pros at (888) MRCLEGG and let us get to work protecting your family today!