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Our pest management plans are custom tailored to your specific situation. Not all homes, businesses, and institutions can be treated alike because the factors affecting pest issues are not all the same. Whether the invaders are spiders, ants, roaches, fleas, mice, rats, ticks, or any of the other common or uncommon pest invaders, then contact Clegg’s Pest Control today.

Our Pest Control Services include:

Pest Control Programs

Clegg’s Termite & Pest Control offer a General Pest Control program that includes service for roaches, ants (except for Pharaoh, Fire and Carpenter Ants) silverfish, rats, and mice. Not sure what type of bug you have? Check out our gallery of common bugs or send a photo and we’ll identify the bug for you. The initial service consists of an Inside, Outside, and Underneath Service. If there is a crawlspace present then that area will be treated, around the perimeter of the house will be treated, and inside around the baseboards will be treated as well. Depending on the pest we are servicing for, there may be some baiting products used inside as well.

We offer a Pest Control Maintenance Program following the initial service to help homeowners keep their pest population under control. Unless there is a serious infestation, most homeowner will maintain a quarterly pest control maintenance program at their home to keep pests under control. If there is a serious infestation then Clegg’s would recommend a monthly service for the first 3 to 6 months following the initial service to get the infestation under control and then move to a quarterly maintenance program.

In addition to the General Pest Control Program, Clegg’s will tailor a pest maintenance program for whatever the pest problem may be that you are having including fire ants, centipedes/millipedes, carpenter ants, wasps, and many many more. Contact Clegg’s today.


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