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Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous?

wolf spider sitting on leaf

If you have recently encountered a wolf spider near your home, then this guide is for you. Here, we will get an answer to the most basic and common questions related to Wolf Spiders, the top one being – “Are Wolf Spiders Poisonous?”

More than 200 species of Wolf Spiders are native to North America, so it is highly likely that you have encountered this eight-legged hairy creature one time or another. The Wolf Spiders have earned their name due to their tendency to stalk their prey before catching them. Just like the case with many species of spiders, Wolf Spiders can be pretty frightening to encounter.

With their huge, hairy body and eight eyes, these arachnids are truly an unsettling sight in the house. These kinds of spiders usually enter the homes underneath doors or through small cracks. When it comes to the female wolf spiders, they carry egg sacs with them wherever they go, which means that you may discover one with an egg sac in tow.

Wolf Spiders can be a frightening sight, but the good news is that they are not poisonous. Yes, you read that right. So, let’s move on and know more about these creepy creatures in detail below.

Can Wolf Spiders be Dangerous to Humans? 

Spiders are always considered to be dangerous, but when it comes to Wolf Spiders, the answer is usually no. Wolf spiders chase and leap on their prey instead of weaving a web. These spiders are not aggressive and will not harm or bite you unless provoked or frightened. Although the bite of a Wolf Spider is painful, it is not poisonous or deadly. There are chances that some people might be allergic to its bite that can later prompt a more serious reaction, but this is the most danger you will be in when it comes to a wolf spider bite.

Wolf Spiders bite, but they do not often bite humans. When provoked or threatened, Wolf Spiders prefer to retreat. The bites of Wolf Spider are likely to occur if you are directly tackling one or if one becomes trapped next to your skin.

In case you ever find yourself bitten by a wolf spider, it is probably your fault. These spiders typically run and hide when they see human beings. As a result, they do not bite or attack humans, except in self-defense of their habitat. If you happen to sit on one, you may be bitten, and in case this happens, you can expect redness, pain, itching, and swelling similar to a wasp sting. But in a nutshell, Wolf Spiders are not that dangerous to humans as it seems to be.

Now, let’s proceed further and learn what can be done if you have been bit by a Wolf Spider.

What to do if you are Bit by a Wolf Spider? 

Unlike other spiders, Wolf Spiders are introverted and shy, so the encounters are relatively infrequent. Now, talking about Wolf Spiders’ bites, they are not deadly. These bites usually heal on their own within just a few days. In case your Wolf Spider’s bite gets worse day by day, or it is accompanied by usual symptoms, then you should see your doctor right away. Apart from this, below-stated are some of the common treatments that you can undertake if you are bit by a Wolf Spider:

Treatment 1

Wash the bite area with warm water and soap and keep the wound clean

Treatment 2

Gently place a cool cloth or ice pack on the wound to help reduce swelling and pain

Treatment 3

Make sure to elevate the wound if the wolf spider’s bite is on the arm

Treatment 4

Take over the counter medications for itching and swelling

Treatment 5

Use anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin to reduce the swelling

It’s always a great idea to consult a doctor if you are concerned about your health after a wolf spider bite or if the spider bite wound is not properly healing.

What Harm Does Wolf Spiders Cause?

Wolf spiders do not cause much harm. It is even difficult to identify the bite of a wolf spider. In general, the wolf spider’s bite is distinctly different and identifiable than other insect bites because of the two pinpricks that spiders make when they bite. Or else, the appearance of the Wolf Spiders’ bite will bear a resemblance to the bite of many other spiders. The bite of Wolf Spider does not cause any serious medical issues unless the person who is bitten is highly allergic to their venom.

Talking about the harms or symptoms, the typical reactions of Wolf Spider bite involve itchiness and redness that fade away over a short period of time. As per research, no serious medical consequences of these bites are noted as of now, and these bites typically feel like a bee sting which is not considered to be harmful to human beings.

Now, the question comes- Is the Venom of Wolf Spider Lethal? Well, the venom of Wolf Spider is not lethal to human beings, and most people do not experience any allergic reactions. However, as with any other type of bite or sting, a key factor related to the seriousness of the bite entirely depends on your personal immune system along with how it is handled.

The Bottom Line

Here we have come to an end of this guide on Are Wolf Spiders Poisonous! In general, wolf spiders bites are pretty rare, and people do not need to be much concerned about it. Also, wolf spiders usually bite humans if they come in direct contact with them or feel provoked or threatened. In case you want to reduce the risk of being bitten by the Wolf Spider, make sure to be careful around the areas where wolf spiders might be living.

Although wolf spiders may not be dangerous to you and your family, these arachnids can still be considered pests as they will hatch hundreds of spider babies at once to infest your home. If you believe that you have a wolf spider problem, contact Clegg’s Termite and pest control today using the form below. We will even inspect your home free of charge for our first visit!

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