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Wolf Spider vs Brown Recluse

wolf spider sitting on leaf

Have you ever confused Wolf Spider for a Brown Recluse? Well, we would guess that 99% of the time, people mistakes a Wolf Spider for a Brown Recluse. There are times when you may be pretty anxious after hunting a brown spider in your house. After all, brown recluse spiders are native to the area, and a bite from one can be dangerous.

With this being said, brown recluse are pretty rare to encounter. But are you confused regarding which type of spider you have spotted in your house? If yes, then you don’t need to be in a dilemma anymore as this guide has got you covered to clear all your confusion.

In this guide, we will let you know the difference between Wolf Spider and Brown Recluse as there are a few significant differences between a Wolf Spider and Brown Recluse that can help you identify them properly.

So, continue reading the article till the end to grasp a complete understanding of the topic Wolf Spider vs. Brown Recluse.

The difference in Looks of Wolf Spider and Brown Recluse

Wolf Spider and Brown Recluse are two creatures that are often confused with one another. The Wolf Spider is terrifying but timid. They may look more dangerous than Brown Recluse, but in reality, these creatures are harmless. They are furry and large with a patterned back and are more widespread than brown Recluse, as they can be easily found everywhere. Like all types of arachnids, Wolf Spiders do have venom, but their venom is not lethal to humans because it is relatively weak. A wolf Spider bite location can hurt for just a few minutes and can also remain itchy for a couple of days.

On the other hand, the Brown Recluse is one of the most dangerous spiders in the US. Their bites are rare but are extremely painful, and at worst, it is deadly. On average, a Brown Recluse is about the size of a quarter or a nickel. The legs and bodies of these spiders are smooth. Despite their name, the Brown Recluse is light brown, dark brown or even blackish gray in color. Unlike most spider species, these spiders have only six eyes, but this is quite hard to notice unless the Brown Recluse is dead.

Now, let’s have a quick view on the difference in the looks of Wolf Spider and Brown Recluse on the basis of multiple factors:

  • The Size: A Wolf Spider is relatively large, growing up to an inch and a quarter in length. On the other hand, the Brown Recluse is more extensive than three-quarters of an inch.
  • The Markings: The Wolf Spider has a unique pattern on its back with multiple colors, which are most commonly called stripes, whereas the Brown Recluse is just in one shade of brown.
  • The Appearance: As the name indicates, the Wolf Spider is hairy, bearing a furry appearance. Meanwhile, the Brown Recluse has smooth body parts.   

Once you see these two spiders side by side, they become much easier to identify. You can tell that a wolf spider looks more bulky and hairy while a brown recluse looks slender and smooth.

So, let’s now move forward and learn where both these types of spiders live in the US.

Which of these spiders live in NC?

Both wolf spiders and brown recluse spiders are native to North Carolina. As their name suggests, the brown recluse likes to hide away during daylight hours and come out at night to hunt. Wolf spiders mostly wander around during their lives, not making many commitments to reside in one place.

Although both types of spiders are prevalent in NC, you will most likely run across more wolf spiders. Because of the wolf spiders habits of being a traveling arachnid, you can often see these spiders scurrying about in garages, sheds, or even inside your home.

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