Tips to Keep the Pests Away from Your BBQ This Summer

1280px-BBQ_FoodEnjoying a good burger, ribs, chicken or tasty potato salad on a warm summer afternoon is what a BBQ is all about. However, pests like ants and bees can quickly ruin the fun. Bug repellent can go a long way, but a more comprehensive approach to the problem can be far more effective. By following a few valuable tips, you can keep the pests away from all of your food and guests.

Destroy Pest Homes and Breeding Areas

The closer pests live and breed to your BBQ, the more likely they are to be an annoyance. Mosquitoes thrive in puddles, so get rid of any standing water near your home. Pests love to make nests in piles of wood and even boxes, so cleaning any loose debris from around your home can keep them from calling your yard home.

Keep the Food Inside

Some bugs may be attracted to humans, but most of them are after the food. By keeping everything that’s not in the smoker or grill inside, you can keep most pests away from the BBQ. Make sure you and your guests keep all screen doors and windows closed, and check for rips or tears before the party begins. Bugs can hide in bottles and cans, so use plastic cups for outside drinks.

Stay Clean and Tidy

A crumb to a bug is like a feast to a man, meaning even a little bit of food left out can attract ants and other insects. Keep an eye out for remnants of food and drinks left outside to minimize the chance of any pests showing up for a free meal. Encourage your guests to do the same.

Professional Help

Tips you can follow yourself can go a long way toward solving potential pest problems at your BBQ, but when bees build a hive in your backyard tree, or you just can’t find the source of flies, pest control experts may be needed. You can even hire them before your BBQ to make sure you have the optimal conditions. For professional assistance, contact Clegg’s online. Or you can call on the phone at 888-672-5344 for a complete evaluation of your home or business.