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Are termites giving you trouble? Do you need help from a termite exterminator in Durham? You’ve come to the right place! Clegg’s Pest Control has over 50 years experience dealing with termites and other kinds of pests in Durham and the rest of North Carolina.

1 in 5 homes in the eastern United States will be, or has been, affected by termites. If you are a homeowner in North Carolina, it is important that you take action when termites are present. Otherwise, this destructive insect can cause thousands of dollars of damage in very little time. If you are unsure whether your home is being affected by termites, reach out to our local Clegg’s Pest Control team today to request a FREE termite inspection. Depending on the level and extent of infestation our pest control heroes will recommend appropriate treatment options. Whether it be our liquid termite applications or bait alternative, you can be sure that Clegg’s will recommend the most effective treatment for your home. Give us a call today at (888) MRCLEGG and let us get to work protecting your home today!

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When do termites come out in NC?


Termites are known to stay active all year around. Especially in a well insulated house, termites are barely affected by changes in the weather. However, termite “swarming” often occurs in warm weather, often after rain. Swarming occurs when a termite colony has matured to the point where groups of the colony break off to form their own separate colony. Warm, moist weather can often signal a prime opportunity to venture out from the parent colony with wet wood being in ample supply. During these times, termites may become much more apparent within your household. If you begin to see signs of termite activity, call our Clegg’s squad immediately.


What is the most common type of termite in NC?


The “Reticulitermes flavipes or Eastern Subterranean Termite is the most common type found in North Carolina. The species, which resides underground, thrives in a climate that is warm and moist. The species is also one of the hungriest; Eastern Subterranean Termites account for 80% of the $2.2 billion spent repairing destruction caused by termites.  

Eastern subterranean termite

Do termites bite humans?


While termites do have defensive and protective instincts, they are not known to bite humans. Termite will attack ants, and other termite colonies in defense of their territory of colony. The biggest threat termites pose to humans is destruction of property. Keep a lookout for signs of termites around your home such as droppings, shed wings, or visible damage to wooden areas such as baseboards.


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