Kill North Carolina Termites with Premise Termite Treatments

Create a protective barrier around your home or business to eliminate any threats from termites by asking our pest control team about Premise termiticide treatments in North Carolina. Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control LLC supplies both non-repellent termite control services and termite baiting options, allowing for maximum results.

A non-repellent does just as the name suggests — it creates an undetectable barrier around your building that does not instantly kill the insects. While such a barrier may seem ineffective, termite colonies are adept at locating and exploiting even the smallest breaks in a barrier line, gaining access to your home or business, even after a repellent has been applied.

Premise works as a non-detectable liquid termiticide, as it is odorless and tasteless to the invading insects. Termites will continue to proceed as normal after coming into contact with Premise, taking it back with them to their colonies, where it will eventually kill them and any other termites they have had contact with. Premise is only available through licensed pest control companies, such as Clegg’s, and will remain as an effective termite prevention solution on your property for years, even after termite infestations are no longer a threat to your building.

Preventative & Pro-active Termite Treatments from Clegg’s Pest Control

Ensure you’re protected against termite infestations by investing in Clegg’s NC Premise termiticide applications. Call us today at 888-MR-CLEGG to speak to one of our termite control team members, or visit our contact page for more information, including to request a commercial or residential pest control assessment.

Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control LLC offers Premise as a termiticide in 13 locations and their surrounding areas, including Wilmington, New Bern, Greenville, Clinton, Durham, Smithfield, Morehead City, Kernersville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Southport, Fayetteville and Asheville, NC.