What are the most common type of mosquitoes in NC?

types of mosquitoes in nc

Mosquitoes are one of the most common and most annoying insects on the planet. They typically live in warm humid climates where there is ample standing water. North Carolina is a hotbed for mosquitoes. If you have ever lived in North Carolina or have ever visited North Carolina, you have likely experienced just how bad the mosquitoes can get. To many, a mosquito is a mosquito. At first glance they all look the same. As it turns out, North Carolina is home to a variety of different types of mosquitoes. In this resource we will break down the different types of mosquitoes in North Carolina. From Yellow Fever Mosquitoes to Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, we will cover them all. 

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How many different types of mosquitoes are in North Carolina?

Believe it or not there are actually thousands of different mosquito species around the world. In North Carolina, there are many different types of mosquitoes but there are five species in particular that tend to plague neighborhoods and households across the state. The five most common types of mosquitoes in North Carolina are yellow fever mosquitoes, asian tiger mosquitoes, common malaria mosquitoes, common house mosquitoes, and gallinippers. All five of these mosquito species are capable of carrying diseases and biting humans. Here is a little bit more information about each of the five most common mosquito species in North Carolina. 

Asian Tiger Mosquito in North Carolina

The asian tiger mosquito is one of the most common mosquitoes found in North Carolina. It gets its name from the black and white stripes that cover its body. Although this type of mosquito is native to tropical regions in Asia, it has made its way all the way to North Carolina. 

Yellow Fever Mosquitoes in North Carolina

The yellow fever mosquito looks very similar to the asian tiger mosquito. Both of these species have black and white markings on their body. Yellow fever mosquitoes have slightly more subtle white markings and also have white markings on their legs. These mosquitoes get their name from their ability to spread yellow fever. 

Common Malaria Mosquitoes in North Carolina 

Common malaria mosquitoes can be found in a majority of the southeastern United States. These mosquitoes can be identified by their brown bodies and the tendency for their bodies to lay flat when they land on the skin. Other species of mosquitoes will keep their bodies at an angle. The name of the common malaria mosquito comes from it’s widespread range and historical tendency to carry malaria and other pathogens.

Common Household Mosquitoes in North Carolina 

The common household mosquito, also known as culex pipiens, is a light brown mosquito that is quite common in North Carolina. These mosquitoes frequently invade people’s homes and bite them at nite inside their house. Most people don’t think that mosquitoes can be inside the house. The reality is that common household mosquitoes can enter a home then wait until night time to search for someone to bite. 

Outdoor mosquito management services in North Carolina

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