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    Having a rough day in Raleigh thanks to unwanted pests?

    Unwanted pests ruining your day and invading your Raleigh home? Give us a call at Clegg’s Pest Control, we are ready to help. Looking for a bug exterminator in Raleigh for an insect infestation? We at Clegg’s have over 50 years of experience serving Raleigh and the Triangle. With decades of experience and a level of customer service only a family-owned business can offer, Clegg’s Pest Control is Raleigh’s go-to team of bug exterminators and pest control experts.

    Raleigh Pest Control Services

    We have been protecting homes in Raleigh and the Triangle from pests for over 50 years. Our customizable pest protection solutions are the best in the industry. We utilize the most effective, safest solutions for pest defense available, and work hard to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We make sure all of our service technicians are highly trained in the latest pest control industry solutions, and capable of dealing with all different types of pests. No home is the same, and we provide you with a solution that will be quick and effective for your unique situation. Aren’t you ready to get back to watching the NC State game instead of chasing roaches around the living room? Call today or contact us through our online form to schedule your Free General Inspection.

    Why Clegg’s Pest Control?

    We are proudly family owned and operated for more than 50 years. Our business started with one man trying to help a friend with a pest problem. Now we have grown to 13 locations around NC, and are able to help new friends and families in Raleigh and across North Carolina! We are licensed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, and have decades of experience protecting homes across NC from every pest under the sun. Clegg’s has also been reviewed as one of the top solutions for pest control in all of Raleigh, NC! When you work with Clegg’s, you work with a company you can trust to protect your home and your family. Our treatments are quick and effective, and most importantly they are safe for you and your family. Our friendly staff of professional and experienced technicians and specialists are trained in the most effective and safest pest control practices in the industry. The Clegg’s team is standing at the ready, prepared to protect your home from pests using a variety of solutions, including:

    Clegg’s Seasonal Pest Forecast



    Termites may be the most destructive insect that you can encounter. These soft bodied little critters have the capability of completely destroying your home and costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. As summer temperatures begin to rise, termites become more and more active. After a long winter they are ready to eat and their favorite food is wood. It is important to eliminate termites before an infestation has occurred.

    • Blisters in wood flooring
    • Visible mazes within wooden furniture or walls
    • Scent similar to mold or mildew

    If any of these symptoms sound distressingly familiar, give our Clegg’s Pest Control team a call and let our wildlife control team get on the case!

    Bed Bugs

    bed bug treatment raleigh nc

    While everyone is relaxing at home during the holidays, our Clegg’s bed bug team is working overtime. The fall and winter months are when we see bed bug infestations skyrocket. People move around so much as they travel for holidays that they also unknowingly spread bed bugs around to their friends and family. Keep an eye out for common signs of an infestation like rust or blood-colored stains on your mattress, or small bites on your skin. And remember, bed bugs don’t only hide in your bed. They can also infect other cushioned furniture like couches or large chairs. If you think you may have an infestation, don’t wait for it to get even worse. Contact your local pest control heroes at Clegg’s and let us get in and take care of the situation.

    Cockroaches and Spiders

    While the number of visitors in your home climbs during the holiday season, so does the number of household pests. Insects like cockroaches don’t like the cold temperatures, and therefore they try to escape from the harsh weather into your home. Spiders are also more common in the winter months as you spend more time indoors and spot them in their hiding places that you may not have noticed before. Keep an eye out for these pests and if you see them scurrying around us here our Raleigh pest control experts at Clegg’s. Our team will quickly respond to the situation and have those pests out of your home in no time!


    Our local pest control heroes are standing at the ready in Raleigh!

    General Pest Control

    At Clegg’s Pest Control we have decades of experience dealing with all kinds of pests in North Carolina. Some kinds of pests and wildlife like Termites and Fire Ants require specific treatment, but for the rest we employ a variety of General Pest Control Treatments. If you have a pest not listed above in your home, like silverfish, mosquitoes, spiders, earwigs, or any number of other common pests, we can help. We have over 50 years of experience protecting homes from every insect NC has to offer. We will do the same for your Raleigh home or business. If you are unsure what bug is in your home, check our common bugs page for helpful information. Whether the pest in your home is one you have seen before or something unfamiliar, our pest control experts are ready to help protect your home. Call (888) MRCLEGG to speak to a Clegg’s team member today about scheduling your FREE General Pest Control Inspection.

    Bed Bug Control

    Raleigh, and North Carolina in general, is a popular area for bed bug infestations. Part of what makes bed bugs such a nightmare for homeowners is that they can be hard to identify without proper experience. Plus you may not have bed bugs in your bed, but rather in your sofa or another cushioned piece of furniture. If you think you may have a bed bug problem in your home, call us right away so we can come and inspect your residence for you. Our highly trained technicians and specialists will be able to identify a bed bug infestation, and prescribe a treatment to eliminate the unwanted pests. Every house and home is different, and therefore our bed bug treatments are highly customizable depending on your specific situation. With 50 years experience we are your local bed bug exterminator in Raleigh. For more information, and to schedule your inspection, call us at (888) MRCLEGG and let us get to work protecting your home!

    Termite Control

    Are you concerned that you have a termite problem in your home or business? Unfortunately termites are a common problem in the Raleigh area, as they love the warmer temperatures of the southeast. Some telltale signs of termite activity include:

    • Bubbling of paint or wallpaper around the baseboards or drywall of your home
    • Discoloration or damage around the wooden areas of your home or business
    • Hollow sound produced when knocking on a wooden surface

    Our Clegg’s team has decades of experience identifying and eliminating termite infestations in Raleigh and North Carolina. We employ a variety of different effective but safe termite treatments to eliminate the termite colonies threatening your home. If you think you may have a problem with termites, call us at (888) MRCLEGG and let us schedule you a free inspection. If you need termite control in Raleigh, our team is ready and standing by to protect your home, just give us a call!

    Wildlife Control

    Most homeowners would not consider the rat or squirrel scratching around in their attic to be a welcome visitor. Thats where we come in. At Clegg’s Pest Control we are experts in trapping and removing wildlife from your home such as bats, mice, foxes, opossums, and more. We know every trick in the book, and have removed many an unwelcome rodent from a Raleigh home. Do you think you may have unwelcome wildlife in your home or place of business? Call us at (888) MRCLEGG and let us come remove it for you. Our staff of wildlife control experts will have any unwelcome furry roommates quickly caught and removed from your home. Call us and let us get to work for you today!


    Only a few companies are licensed to offer fumigation services in NC, and we here at Clegg’s pest control are proud to be one of them. Some specific types of pests like dry wood termites, old house borers, and powder post beetles require fumigation to remove. Here at Clegg’s we have years of experience in fumigation of both commercial and residential structures. We also offer chamber fumigation upon request for smaller items like furniture. Our experienced and professional team of fumigators works with all necessary precautions to ensure the elimination of your pest infestation while also maintaining your home or business. Do you suspect or know that your Raleigh home or business requires fumigation? Call (888) MRCLEGG and speak to one of our pest experts about fumigation options to protect your home today.

    Additional Clegg’s Services – Residential & Commercial

    In addition to the described pest control services, our team of technicians and specialists offers a wide variety of services for residential and commercial customers. We offer moisture control to keep your home dry and free of pests. Many types of pests thrive in damp and dark environments that are common under Raleigh homes and buildings, and we can counter this with moisture control solutions including:

    • TAP Insulation
    • ComfortTherm Insulation
    • Leaf Defier Gutter Protection System
    • Vapor barriers
    • Foundation drain systems
    • Dehumidifiers

    Want to learn more about moisture control or the other services that Clegg’s provides to homeowners in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina? Call us at (888) MRCLEGG and speak to one of our dedicated team members today!

    Contact Clegg’s to Receive Experienced Pest Management in Raleigh

    Ready to rid your Raleigh residence of unwanted pests? So are we! Give us a call at (888) MRCLEGG today to speak to one of our team members for information or to schedule your FREE General Pest Inspection. After all, weekends are for hiking in Umstead Park or strolling through Crabtree Valley Mall, not for crawling under your house looking for pests. That’s our job! Give us a call and let us get to work for you today.

    Cities Served by the Raleigh Clegg’s Branch

    Do you live in one of these cities? Good news, Clegg’s Raleigh is your local branch of pest control heroes! Call us at (888) MRCLEGG and speak to our team about we can protect your home today. Call before 3pm and receive Prompt and Efficient Service!


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