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Dealing with a pest problem in your business? Consult with the extensive pest and nuisance wildlife control technicians at Clegg’s Pest Control. Serving 13 locations across North Carolina, Clegg’s has the specialized and tailored pest control services for schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, offices, and everything in between. If you are suffering from pest problems at your commercial property, call our team or request a FREE initial inspection. 


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Signs of a commercial pest control infestation

Pests of any kind can be a nuisance and cause an interruption to your business, and we all know that lost time means lost money. To avoid unwanted time vampires, early intervention is key. Here are some signs of a commercial pest infestation that are easily identifiable and will allow you to address the problem early on by contacting our team for treatment.

Pest Droppings

The typical sign of a pest infestation, droppings can be completely obvious or hard to detect but are a surefire indication of a problem.


If a rodent is making itself nice and cozy in your business, you’ll notice a nest most likely in a discreet place and made up of things like paper, grass, leaves, etc. Our rodent control team can take care of that for you.

Grease Marks

Typical of a mice or rat infestation, grease marks or trails along floors or walls in your business is a clue to contact our team.

Physical Damage to Structures

Holes and chew marks on floors, walls, or furniture are a pretty strong indication that you may have a rodent or pest infestation.

Damaged Plants

Pests have to eat! Holes in leaves, dead patches of grass, gnawing on the edges of grass blades are all indications of a pest control problem.

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More than 50 Years of Commercial Pest Control Services

The Clegg’s technicians and exterminators design customized plans for each of our clients. This includes taking into account your building’s structure, your type of business, and your hours of operation when designing a treatment plan. All of our service technicians have received state-approved training within their first 75 days of employment. We encourage all of our technicians to become certified in order to increase their knowledge and ability to provide superior service.

We are also proud to be one of the few extermination companies in the area that boasts a board-certified entomologist as part of our pest control team. Entomologists study bugs and their habits, and provide additional, effective ways to rid your business of invasive insects or wildlife. 

With more than 50 years of experience in the pest control industry, Clegg’s has the personal touches that you’d expect from a family owned and operated business. We take pride in our commercial pest control services, and will give you the same customer service experience we’d expect to receive ourselves.

Clegg’s is available to take on the following commercial pest control infestations:

We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and even weekly pest control services in NC, VA and SC.

Contact us today to request a commercial pest control inspection, or to view any ongoing specials. You can also call Clegg’s at 888-MR-CLEGG.

Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control manages fumigation, pest management and pest control requests for commercial clients in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.


Fill out the simple form and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly!