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Fumigation Pest Control

Fumigation Services

Did you know that Clegg’s is one of the few companies in North Carolina licensed to provide fumigation services? To eliminate some pests, a fumigation treatment is required.

Clegg’s offers structural fumigation for powder post beetles, old house borers, and dry wood termites, etc. We also offer commodity fumigation for stored product pest and in commercial establishments. Chamber fumigations are also performed on smaller items such as furniture and mattresses as needed. We have a trained and experienced staff of fumigators that will work to make sure all of the necessary precautions are taken in order to preserve those items.

If you have been told you have dry wood termites or other above-ground wood boring insects that require a fumigation treatment, contact Clegg’s to learn more or call us at 888-672-5344.



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    Residential Fumigation Services

    Fumigation may be required to eliminate pests in your home, garage, or garden. If these places are infested with termites, bed bugs, powderpost beetles, old house bores, or any other insect. Clegg’s Pest Control offers professional residential fumigation services in North Carolina. Contact us today for a complimentary initial inspection to determine if residential fumigation is the right treatment for your infestation. 

    Commercial Fumigation Services

    Clegg’s Pest Control is proud to help businesses and land lords keep their commercial spaces pest free. Our commercial fumigation services will ensure that your commercial building is completely free of pests such as termites, bed bugs or other creepy crawlies that can cost you and your business thousands of dollars in damage. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary initial inspection. 

    Commodities Fumigation Services

    No space is completely safe from pests. If you want to ensure that your products or produce remain pest free, commodity fumigation services may be worth considering. If insects are causing damage to your produce or products, contact Clegg’s Pest Control today. We can fumigate your produce to ensure that they are not damaged by a pest infestation. Get in touch with us today to schedule your complimentary initial inspection to determine if commodities fumigation services are the solution to your unique pest problem. 

    Boat Fumigation services

    If your boat has become infested with insects of any kind, Clegg’s Pest Control offers boat fumigation services in North Carolina. We will come to your boat, place a tent over it, and fumigate the entire boat to eliminate any termites, bed bugs, or any other insects, that have infiltrated your watercraft. Whether you need yacht fumigation services, or fumigation for a small to mid-size boat, Clegg’s Pest Control has your back. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation to determine if you indeed require boat fumigation services. In some cases we may be able to solve the problem with a more cost effective option. 

    Fumigation Frequently asked questions

    • Medicine, tobacco, vitamins, pills, where the original manufacturers seal is broken.
    • Pet food and animal feed in bags and boxes.
    • Food, feed drugs and medicines that are not sealed in glass, plastic or metal bottles with manufacturer seal intact.
    • Chips, pasta, bread, cereals, rice, cookies, crackers and any other items packaged in plastic paper or cardboard. (even if sealed)
    • Beverages snacks, sauces drugs, medicines, or other items in metallic foil-lined containers. 
    • Anything in resealable containers.
    • Produce including eggs fruits vegetables. 

    All gas and pilot lights should be turned off. This includes water heaters, gas fireplaces, or any other appliance that uses a pilot light. 

    Most foods will either need to be removed from the home or bagged prior to fumigation of the property. 

    Electricity and water should be left on during fumigation. Electricity will be used to run fans and other equipment during the fumigation process. 

    The gas used for fumigation does not leave any residue on surfaces in your home. The gas will completely dissipate once the fumigation is complete. 

    In most cases air conditioners can remain off during fumigation. If you have special circumstances you may be able to keep your AC running during fumigation. 

    All drawers, cabinets, trunks, vaults, and dressers must be opened during the fumigation process to ensure that all of the pests are eliminated and the gas is able to properly dissipate from the house. 

    In some cases it may be required to remove aquariums from the home. Be sure to mention your aquarium during your complimentary inspection to determine whether or not it must be removed. 

    When bagging food or other items in your home, it is important that you use special Nylofume bags to ensure that your belongings are protected during the fumigation. 

    Interview With Fumigation Expert Greg Rogers

    Greg Rogers is an expert on all things fumigation. Here is an interview with Greg answering some of the most common questions that he gets about fumigation and the fumigation process.

    greg rogers cleggs pest control hero

    What is fumigation?

    “Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely will fill an area with a gaseous pesticide that poisons or kills the insect, or the target pest.”

    How does fumigation work?

    Greg Rogers:
    “The fumigation process for residential is a process where you tent the house, seal everything to the ground and release a fumigant into the house. And therefore, when it gets into the house, it searches out and finds every crack, crevice and things inside the house, they call that absorption. It absorbs into the house. And then of course, after the fact, you have to clear the house. So it’s called desorption is when you start the clearing process.”

    What is fumigation used to kill?

    Greg Rogers:
    “Fumigation is used to kill the target pest. For example, in a house, which would be dry wood termites, which is not a typical termite we deal with where you can inject chemicals into the ground. Old house bores has gotten into your walls and floors, and powder post beetles. And we do bed bugs also. So it’s the process of eliminating those insects through fumigation when other methods won’t work.”

    How much does fumigation cost?

    Greg Rogers:
    “The way it’s priced out is based on the cubic foot of your home. So of course, the bigger the home, the more the cost is relevant. And also depends on the target pest. Powder post beetles takes more gas to kill than it does to kill a bedbug or dry wood termite or old house bore.”

    How long does fumigation take?

    Greg Rogers:
    “If it’s a residential, if you’re fumigating, I like to tell customers at least 48 hours, because with powder post beetles, the requirement is 36 hours and then eight hours minimum clearing.”

    How do I prepare for a fumigation?

    Greg Rogers:
    “Well, we come to the house and we have what they call a homeowner’s checklist that we issue a customer incident carbon copy. It’s the check off list that they can go through each item and check it off. And also we recommend people go to fumigationfacts.com and look at the videos on what needs to be removed and how to remove it.”

    What should I do with clothes during a fumigation?

    Greg Rogers:
    “Nothing at all. Fumigate is a gas that goes through everything, absorbs into everything and then it desorbs back out. So you don’t have to do anything with clothes, furniture, anything of that nature.”

    Do I need to move my furniture out for a fumigation?

    Greg Rogers:

    What do I need to take out of my house before a fumigation?

    Greg Rogers:
    “Some of the items you might have to remove would be any mattresses that have a waterproof covering. Foods, drugs, anything… Food items that’s been opened, and it’s not in its original packaging or completely sealed, must be removed.”

    How long after a fumigation can I come Back?

    Greg Rogers:
    “After the minimum eight hour period, and we’ve cleared it with our clearing device. As soon as that’s done, you can come back into the home.”

    How long after a fumigation is it safe for pets?

    Greg Rogers:
    “The same as humans, as soon as the house is cleared, it’s ready to occupy.”

    Will I need to clean my house after a fumigation?

    Greg Rogers:
    “You don’t have to do anything after the fumigation. You might have to put things back together because when I do go in the house to do a fumigation, I open all the drawers. We might slide a bed over, open chest, things of that nature, where we can allow gas to get in and out.”


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