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Food Service

Pest Control for Restaurants & Food Service Facilities

Prevent unwanted food-samplers by utilizing the pest control services from Clegg’s Pest Control at your restaurant or food service facility. All it takes is one cockroach or ant trail for a negative view of your establishment to take root with a customer, which can result in your reputation being damaged as quickly as an infestation can spread.

Clegg’s is available to help whether you suspect you may be on the brink of a pest or bug issue or you’d like to invest in our preventative treatments. Our inspections are discreet to avoid giving the wrong idea to customers or potential customers, and we utilize the latest and most cutting edge treatments in the industry. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we have honed our pest control techniques to ensure you will have as few infestation problems as possible. Additionally, Clegg’s is one of the few pest companies in North Carolina that employs an entomologist for an enhanced understanding of pest patterns and habits. Call us or fill out the form below to speak to our team about our commercial pest control solutions for restaurants and food service facilities.

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Discreet & Thorough Pest Inspections & Pest Control Services 

Our pest inspection technicians are well-versed in how to treat several types of invasive bugs and nuisance wildlife in North Carolina, including bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, rats, mice and much more. Clegg’s offers a wide variety of fumigation and pest control services, including liquid and baiting alternatives, to prevent pests from roaming in front of customers. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and even weekly pest control services in NC, VA and SC.

Our insect and wildlife service teams understand that pest control is not a static business, and that we need to evolve our treatments as pests evolve. That’s why we are constantly upgrading our technology for food service pest control, utilizing on-site reporting to stay in touch with staff and our home office for up-to-the-minute pest and infestation reports.

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Preventative Measures for Pests in the Restaurant Industry

While a pest control professional is the best person to ultimately keep pests at bay, there are a handful of preventative measures that you, the restaurant manager or business owner, can be taking to keep the pests at bay. Here are some of the most important things you should be doing at your restaurant space to ensure that pests don’t get a foothold.

  • Keep an eye out for cracks and holes in places that lead to the exterior
  • Dispose of garbage at the end of each work day to ensure no lingering flies or gnats
  • Routinely check and clean all sinks and drains for leftover food
  • Locate and seal off any entries where rodents could find their way in
  • Clean up food remnants off dishes promptly
  • Immediately clean any spills that occur in the restaurant
  • Maintain a clean and dry floor
  • Keep all doors and windows properly sealed and closed when not in use
  • Keep exterior dumpsters away from the building
  • Trim any foliage that is within five feet of the building
  • Thoroughly clean all cooking appliances at the end of each day

These are all routine practices that should be done in your restaurant if you want to keep pests away. Doing these things consistently will greatly benefit your business. Hiring a professional pest control technician will help ensure that your restaurant stays pest free. Our professionals at Cleggs can help assess your space and identify problems and work out a solution. Give us a call today, we would love to serve you!

One Restaurant, One Team

All of these proactive and preventative measures are necessary to keep dirty pests away, but there is also a very important component that hasn’t been discussed; your staff! Communicating these practices to your staff and entire restaurant team is imperative to keeping pests away. Creating a clean environment that does not breed pests is an ongoing process and requires everyone to be on board. Routine trainings and check-ins with your staff would be prudent to ensuring consistent practices across the board.

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Trust the pest experts at Clegg’s Pest Control to take care of current infestations and prevent future four- and six-legged visitors in your food service facility. Call us at  or visit our contact page to request a commercial pest control assessment today.



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