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North Carolina Retail & Commercial Pest Control Services

Avoid the loss of retail tenants to a pest infestation by investing in the extensive commercial pest management services from Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control LLC. Serving 13 locations in North Carolina, we have a vast amount of experience in handling both bug and nuisance wildlife infestations in retail spaces, schools, apartment buildings, office complexes and more.

You do not have to have an active infestation to utilize our commercial pest control offerings. Did you know that bed bugs and their eggs, for example, can travel on shoes, clothing and luggage? That means they could literally walk into your retail space on the heels of an unknowing customer.

While bed bugs are a large problem, they aren’t the only pest Clegg’s controls. Our technicians are also capable of remedying termites, mice, fleas, cockroaches and silverfish in your North Carolina retail space.

Precise & Professional Retail Pest Control & Pest Management

With more than 50 years of experience in the pest control industry, we have honed our efforts to deliver a service that is not only professional, but extremely thorough as well. To best treat your North Carolina pest problem, our pest experts make use of both liquid and baiting alternatives.

We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and even weekly pest control services in NC, VA and SC.

Clegg’s offers detailed reporting through our customer portal to keep retail and other commercial pest control clients abreast of any pest activity our technicians have noted, and any deficiencies that should be addressed to prevent future infestations.

We also understand that discretion is key when treating for active infestation issues, which is why Clegg’s strives to accommodate any particular service requests that may require access to your North Carolina retail space after hours, so as not to attract attention from customers.

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Whether you have a current infestation that needs to be addressed, or you’d like to discuss preventative measures, the North Carolina pest control teams at Clegg’s can help. Call us today at 888-MR-CLEGG to request a commercial pest control inspection for your retail space.

Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control LLC serves retail and other commercial spaces from our 13 locations in North Carolina.