How Can You Tell If Bed Bugs are Gone?

how to tell if bed bugs are gone


If you’ve been braving the battle against bed bugs, you know it can be tough to tell when they’re actually all gone. Sometimes, it seems like you’ve treated them effectively but then the bed bugs return, giving you itchy, red bites and making it hard to get the sleep you need.

If you’re not sure whether or not your bed bug problem has been solved, the team at Clegg’s Pest Control can help. Our expert technicians will be happy to conduct an in-person inspection and create a custom treatment plan for your needs, making sure that we locate every last bed bug and send it packing. You deserve a pest-free home; let us help give it to you!

If you’re interested in learning more about our services or would like to schedule your initial free inspection, call us at 888-MRCLEGG or contact us here online. If you are curious about bed bug treatment and how to know if it works, read on below!


How Do I Know Bed Bug Treatment Worked?


When you work with our team, we’ll let you know if multiple treatment cycles are needed. This could be required based on the size of the infestation and the type of home. If your bed bug problem has spread from room to room, you may require additional treatments. However, if the bed bugs are caught early, it is possible that one treatment will catch them all. If you don’t experience any bites or see evidence of bed bugs in the weeks after treatment, you can be confident that the problem has been taken care of. Have doubts? You can always contact our team.


Most common places for bed bugs


How Did I Get Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs are small and can travel in a myriad of ways. Sometimes they hitch a ride on your luggage or in cardboard boxes, while other times they hide out in backpacks or purses. It can be difficult to tell exactly where they came from, but there are a few ways you can work to proactively prevent them.


How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs?


When traveling, be sure to check beds and couches for signs of bed bugs. These signs will include brown stains at the edges and corners of the mattress or cushions or shed exoskeletons. You should also put your suitcase on a stand instead of laying it on the floor. Be sure to wash your clothes right away when you get home, and don’t be afraid to use the nozzle on your vacuum to get inside your suitcase or other travel bags.


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Choose Clegg’s Pest Control for Your Bed Bug Needs


If you’ve got a bed bug problem, Clegg’s Pest Control is ready to jump into action. We employ highly trained technicians and two bed bug detection dogs to make sure we identify every location that these pests might be hiding out in and work diligently to remove them from your home or business.


We’ve been serving our fellow North Carolinians since 1964, and we look forward to helping you solve your pest control quandaries with fast and effective service. With thirteen locations throughout the state, there’s a Clegg’s Pest Control location near you. Contact us online or call us at 888-MRCLEGG for more information and schedule your free initial inspection today!


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