Roaches in drains

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Did you spot a roach leaving or entering a drain in your sink or shower? You’re not alone. Most homeowners encounter this problem at some point. Why did you see a roach in your drain? Cockroaches live in the sewer system, so they can travel into homes or business facilities from there through the building’s drains and plumbing system. Roaches look for moisture, warmer temperatures, and food. Unfortunately for us, the drains in our homes provide them all three. If you have spotted a cockroach in your drain, contact our Clegg’s Pest Control team for a FREE initial inspection. Our pest control heroes can quickly identify the source of the infestation and recommend treatment options to protect your home. Call us or contact us through the form below to request your FREE inspection. Want more information about roaches? Read on below the form for more info about how these pests get into your home.

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Why are there roaches in my drain?

Cockroaches thrive in the sewer system thanks to the moisture, protection from freezing temperatures, and food sources. This means that unless your home is protected they could get up into your property through the drains in your sinks, showers, etc. Sometimes they move into your drains and live there, breeding and feeding on leftover food. Gross right? It doesn’t have to be! The best way to prevent roaches from infesting your drains is to keep them clean. If you clean your drains regularly and make sure that food doesn’t get into and stay in them without being cleaned or removed, you will lower your chances of roach infestation. While scrubbing and cleaning drains can do a lot to help protect your home, you really need proactive perimeter treatments at your property to make sure that roaches cannot enter your home through cracks or gaps and infest your drains. Contact our Clegg’s team to speak to us about perimeter treatment and roach control options.Roach extermination

I heard I should pour bleach into drains to kill roaches, is that true?

Lots of our customers ask us about this common home remedy for killing roaches, and believe that pouring bleach down the drain will kill roaches in the drains. However, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. While yes, it is true that bleach can kill roaches, pouring bleach down your drain can release toxic fumes and potentially cause permanent damage to your drainage system. There are some better home remedies for killing roaches in your drain that use non-toxic materials like boiling water or vinegar, but to keep them away for good you need to employ professional roach treatment. Our team uses safe, effective treatments to protect your home from roaches and other pests. Contact us for a FREE initial inspection or to talk to our team about treatments.

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If you have roaches in your drains or infesting any part of your home or business, call your local pest control heroes at Clegg’s. We have over 50 years of experience freeing homes from the scourge of cockroaches, and can put that experience to work for you today. Call us or contact us below to schedule your FREE initial inspection.

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