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Roach Control in Charlotte, NC

Roach Exterminator Charlotte NC

Clegg’s Pest Control is Charlotte’s Go-To Roach Exterminator!


There’s nothing quite like a cockroach to give you a scare when you walk into a room. From their quick scurry to their all-around gross feeling, having roaches in your home or business can be a hassle. Plus, roaches are known to carry diseases and some people are allergic to them. When you have a roach problem, you need to call in the roach extermination experts. That’s where we come in. Clegg’s Pest Control has been locally owned and operated for 50 years, and we’re proud to serve the Charlotte area with friendly service and effective treatments. Spend the day at Carowinds or the National Whitewater Center, not chasing roaches around your home or business. That’s our job! Call us at 888-MRCLEGG or contact us online to get started and schedule your FREE inspection. What are you waiting for? Let us get to work making your home roach-free today!

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How Do Roaches Get in My Home?

They may look big, but roaches can squeeze through extremely small holes and cracks in your home or business. Openings around doors or windows is another place they can easily come in, and if you live in an apartment, condo, or townhome, they may appear from a neighboring unit.


Where Should I Look for Roaches?


Cockroaches are nocturnal, so they will be most active at night. You may find them in small spaces, like under your refrigerator or sink, behind stoves, in floor drains… Anywhere that’s dark and damp will be prime real estate for a roach.

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How Do I Know if I Have an Infestation?


The first sign will be seeing a roach in your home. However, you may also notice roach droppings, which look like coffee grounds or black pepper. An oily or musty odor may be present, and oval shaped egg cases might be found behind furniture, under appliances, on bookshelves, or other dark places.


What Type of Roach Do I Have?


There are a handful of common roach species you’ll find in North America. The German Cockroach measures about a half-inch long and is a tan-brown color. The American Cockroach is on the large end of the size spectrum, measuring up to two inches long. It is red-brown in color and common here in the South.

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The Smokybrown Cockroach is similar in appearance to the American, but is slightly smaller and dark brown all over. These roaches can fly, so if you find yourself ducking for cover when trying to get this guy out of the house, you’ll know it’s a Smokybrown! Lastly, the Oriental Cockroach is about an inch in length and is commonly found in basements or crawl spaces.

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If you have roaches in your home, don’t delay. These insects don’t belong in your home, and our team of highly trained pest experts know exactly what to do to show them the door. Call 888-MRCLEGG today and take advantage of our FREE inspection! Let us get to work today protecting your home from harmful or unwanted pests.




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We’re looking for more heroes at Clegg’s Pest Control. Do you think you have what it takes? Get a $1000 sign-on bonus to start your new career.