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New Bern

218 Kale Rd.
New Bern, NC 28562


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    Pests bothering you? Call Clegg’s!

    As home and business owners in New Bern and eastern NC, we have enough on our hands without having to worry about pests infesting our property. That’s why our team at Clegg’s Pest Control has been the area’s go-to source for quality and effective pest control and bug extermination for decades! With over 50 years of experience protecting the homes of North Carolina from unwelcome insects, we are experts in the field of pest control. Plus, as a family owned and operated business, we offer a level of professionalism and customer service unmatched by any in the industry.

    Pest Control Services in New Bern

    As the local pest control solution for more than 50 years, Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control has established a range of proven pest management options to protect your home and business from pests. We work hard to ensure that our technicians and specialists are trained and up to date on the most effective and safest pest control practices in the industry. If it creeps, crawls, buzzes, or flies, our team is ready to leap into action and get it out of your New Bern home or business. We want you to spend your time enjoying places like Union Point Park, not fleeing from insects in your living room or kitchen. That’s where we come in! Call us and schedule your FREE General Pest Control Inspection. Our team is ready to get to work for you today!

    Why choose Clegg’s Pest Control?

    Clegg’s Pest Control comes from humble origins. Over 50 years ago, one man wanted to help his neighbor with a pest problem. 5 decades and 13 locations later, we are proud to protect the homes and businesses of all of our neighbors across North Carolina! Though our company has grown, that spirit of neighborly kindness remains the same, as does our desire to help protect our communities from unwelcome or dangerous pests.

    When you work with our local Clegg’s New Bern team, you are working with a team of experienced pest control professionals who are trained in the latest, and *safest* pest control practices. Our team members are friendly and professional. Our company is much bigger than it was 5 decades ago, and no longer just one man helping his neighbors. However, when the Clegg’s truck rolls up, we still want you to feel like your neighbor has come to help you with your pest problem. We are ready to get to work protecting your home from unwelcome pests through our wide variety of pest control solutions, including:

    Clegg’s Seasonal Pest Forecast


    Spiders and Roaches

    The cooler months bring many wonderful things into the home like visiting friends and family, but unfortunately, they also bring unwelcome pests into our homes in New Bern. As temperatures cool, insects like cockroaches flee the outdoors for the comfort of your home. Plus, as you spend more time inside you notice more insects like spiders that may already have been scurrying about while you were enjoying the warmer weather outdoors. If you notice pests in your home, don’t wait to give your local pest control heroes at Clegg’s a call. Our team will come to the rescue and get those unwelcome invaders out of your space.


    Bed Bugs

    Bedbug Control Pest Service

    Winter is bed bug season. Between October and March, our calls about bed bugs absolutely skyrocket. The reason is that bed bugs are spread around across state and city lines as people move about throughout the holiday season. It is all too common for visiting friends or families to accidentally and unknowingly bring bed bugs into your New Bern home from another state when they visit. Keep an eye out for rust or blood-colored stains on your mattress, or small bites on your arms or legs. If you notice any of these classic symptoms of an infestation, call our team. Our Clegg’s bed bug experts will come in and recommend a treatment plan to get your home back to bed bug-free as soon as possible! Don’t wait, call today.

    Our experts know what to look for to identify an outbreak, and they have the bed bug treatment solutions needed to take care of the problem. If you believe you may have bed bugs in your home or business, don’t waste any time. Schedule an inspection with us today and let us leap to action defending your home!


    We are your local New Bern pest control heroes!

    General Pest Control in New Bern

    North Carolina is home to thousands of different species of insects, bugs, and wildlife. It’s hard to spend any time outside without seeing something crawl, fly, or scuttle by the path in front of you. While that is part of what makes our state so special, the many common bugs of NC can become a problem when they leave the outdoor path behind and find their way into our homes or businesses. Not to worry, your local Clegg’s Pest Control team has you covered! While some pests like termites or bed bugs require specialized treatment strategies, for the rest we employ a range of protection options and General Pest Control solutions. With our 5 decades of experience protecting NC properties from pests, we have pretty much seen it all. Whether you have spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, rats, bats, mice, or something you have never even seen before, we can identify and eliminate it. Call us today at (888) MRCLEGG and schedule your FREE General Pest Control Inspection!

    Bed Bug Control

    If you have noticed suspicious dark spots or blotches around the corners and edges of your bed, sofa, chairs, or other cushioned areas, you may have a bed bug outbreak on your hands. Don’t worry, your local Clegg’s Pest Control team in New Bern is here to help. Our highly trained pest control technicians have years of experience identifying and exterminating bed bug infestations in homes and business around New Bern and eastern NC. Every home is different, and therefore our bed bug treatments are highly customizable to fit your individual situation. We understand how important it is to protect you and your family from outbreaks of unwelcome insects in your home. That is why we work so hard to ensure that your infestation is quickly and effectively eliminated, and take steps to prevent future outbreaks in your home. If you think you may have a bed bug infestation in your home or business, call us. Dial (888) MRCLEGG and speak to one of our dedicated pest control specialists to schedule your inspection today. Don’t wait, let us get to work to protect and secure your home.

    Termite Control

    Termites are responsible for millions of property damages every year in the US. Unfortunately for New Bern and eastern NC property owners, North Carolina is a popular area for termites due to how heavily wooded our state is. There is plenty of forest for termites to dine on, and they frequently wander too far from the woods and mistake the wood of our homes and businesses for dead logs or plant life. Once they get into a property, termite colonies spread throughout the structure and begin destroying the wood and weakening the structural integrity of the building. This can cause you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in property damages if not stopped or prevented.

    That type of damage is what we at Clegg’s Pest Control are dedicated to preventing. Our team of pest control specialists have decades of experience identifying and eliminating termite infestations around New Bern and the coast of North Carolina. We will do the same for you. If you believe you may have termites in your home or business, don’t waste any time: call us today. Prevention is also the most cost-effective way to prevent property damage from termites. If you need termite treatment for your property, call us at (888) MRCLEGG. Speak to a team member about scheduling your inspection and letting our team get to work for you today.

    Wildlife Control

    Did you know Pepsi was born in New Bern? It’s true! Our home is indeed the birthplace of the famous international beverage brand. When you are sitting on your living room sofa sipping a refreshing New-Bern-originated Pepsi, the last thing you want is to hear a loud thump and the sound of scuttling feet above your head. Unfortunately it is all too common for adventurous wildlife like bats, rats, mice, opossums, squirrels, raccoons, and even foxes to find their way into homes and businesses around New Bern.

    That’s where we come in! Our Clegg’s New Bern team has years of experience trapping and removing unwelcome wildlife from New Bern and eastern NC businesses and homes. We know all the tricks when it comes to catching pesky critters who may have found a way into your home or crawlspace. Call (888) MRCLEGG and speak to one of our team members about our wildlife control services. Your local Clegg’s New Bern team will find your unwelcome furry visitor and help them find their way right back out of your home or business!

    Moisture Control

    Living on the coast comes with so many wonderful perks. The beach is just up the road. We can enjoy warm temperatures and beautiful sunsets over the Neuse river. If living on the coast of NC has any disadvantage, it could be how prone our homes and business properties are to moisture buildup. While we enjoy warmer temperatures on the coast, we also have very high levels of humidity, especially during the summer. That humidity, combined with occasional flooding and frequent summer afternoon rain, means that it is easy to develop standing water or concentrated moisture in your crawlspace or attic. This moisture is a breeding ground for all kinds of pests, particularly pests that crave moisture like termites and mosquitoes.

    Our Clegg’s moisture control specialists based here in New Bern can help you remove any current pools of water or moisture buildup, and prevent future problems. Prevention is the key when it comes to moisture control, and our Clegg’s team is ready to help. Call us (888) MRCLEGG and schedule an inspection of your property today.

    Additional Clegg’s New Bern Services

    At Clegg’s Pest Control, everything that we do is to protect and defend your home from pests. We have so many treatment options available to protect your home, and there are so many types of pests that we can’t list all of our services here. However, in our 50 years of pest control we have seen almost every situation under the sun. Whatever your pest problem, residential or commercial, we want to help. Our pest control techniques are safe and effective, and we have been putting them to use protecting homes across NC for over 5 decades. We will do the same for you. Call us at (888) MRCLEGG to speak to one of our dedicated team members today about how we can help you.

    Contact Clegg’s for Pest Management Today

    If you have a pest infestation problem or you want to learn more about our range of pest control services in New Bern, contact us today at (888) MRCLEGG. One of our knowledgeable Clegg’s representatives will be more than happy to schedule your property for an inspection and answer any of your questions. Wouldn’t you rather spend the day exploring the Governor’s Palace than running away from pests in your home? Call us and let us get to work for you today!

    Cities Served by the New Bern Clegg’s Branch

    Do you live in one of the cities listed below? Good news, Clegg’s New Bern is your local branch! Call us at (888) MRCLEGG and speak to our team about we can protect your home today. Live in North Carolina? Call before 3pm and receive Prompt and Efficient Service on General Pest Control services!

    • DOVER
    • ERNUL
    • NEW BERN

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