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The last thing any home or business owner wants to deal with is unwelcome creepy crawlers invading or destroying their property. That’s where we can help! Looking for a bug exterminator in Smithfield to rid your home of pests? With over 5 decades of experience protecting homes and businesses in Smithfield and surrounding cities like Clayton and Goldsboro, our local Clegg’s team are ready to defend your home from uninvited insect visitors. Plus, we offer a level of customer service and dedication that only a family owned and operated business can provide.

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Clegg’s Termite & Pest Control Serving Smithfield, NC

No one wants to spend their time fighting pests, bugs, or unwelcome wildlife in their home or business. No one except us! Our local Clegg’s team based here in Smithfield loves protecting our neighbors from pests like termites, bed bugs, mosquitos, cockroaches, and many more. North Carolina is home to a wide variety of local insect life. Unfortunately for property owners in around Smithfield, NC, pests seem to love visiting us in our homes and places of business. That’s where we at Clegg’s come in! Over our 50 years in the pest control business, we have seen every pest under the NC sun, and have worked to defend homes from their unwelcome intrusion. Our team is trained in the latest and most effective pest control practices in the industry, and are ready to put that training to work for you today! We know you would rather spend your afternoon in the Smithfield Community Park than chasing bugs around your living room. Call us at (888) MRCLEGG and speak to one of our team members about scheduling a FREE General Pest Control Inspection today!

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Clegg’s pest control is a locally owned NC business that has been proudly family owned and family operated for over 5 decades. Our company got its start with one man helping a friend with his pest problem. From there, our company has evolved over 50 years into a statewide operation with 13 locations protecting homes from bugs and pests across North Carolina. However, while our company has grown, the neighborly spirit of our founder remains alive and well throughout our company. Especially here at the Smithfield Clegg’s office! When you work with our Clegg’s team, you are working with a dedicated staff of highly trained pest control experts who are passionate about defending our neighbors homes and businesses from pests. We are licensed by the NC Dept. of Agriculture to provide pest control services across the state, and we are trained in the latest, most effective, and *safest* pest control treatments in the industry. Our staff is friendly, professional, and experienced. We are ready to put all that experience to work for you, protecting your property with a variety of pest control treatments and solutions including:

Have you spotted these seasonal pests in your Smithfield home or business? Call Clegg’s!


mosquito control logo

Ah, summertime in Smithfield. Sunshine, beach time, and mosquitos. Wait…one of those doesn’t belong! Unfortunately for anyone who has spent a summer in North Carolina, we know how bad the mosquitos can get. The hot, humid climate we use as an excuse for beach trips is also a breeding ground for these vampiric insects. The hotter the summer it seems, the worst the mosquito infestation. If mosquitos are ruining your backyard barbecues. don’t get mad. Get Clegg’s! Our local pest control heroes have decades of experience fighting mosquitos and protecting homes here in Smithfield and across eastern NC. Speak to our team today at (888) MRCLEGG about our custom mosquito and pest control treatment plans, and schedule your FREE initial inspection. Don’t spend another afternoon holed up in your living room scratching your legs, let us get to work defending your home from these pests!


Bed Bugs 

Bedbug Control Pest Service

If you watch any HGTV shows about flipping or renovating older houses, you have probably seen evidence of the destruction that bed bugs can cause in a home. Despite their name, bed bugs can actually be found in any cushioned surface or furniture in a home like sofas or cushioned chairs. This problem is aggravated in winter, thanks to all the traveling during the holiday season. As people move around the country they pick up and move bed bugs with them, taking them from hotels, motels, and other homes back to their properties in Smithfield and across NC without realizing it. Making this problem worse, bed bugs are unfortunately for homeowners notoriously difficult to detect for the untrained eye. However, that is where our Clegg’s Smithfield team can help! With our 50 years of experience eliminating pest infestations in North Carolina, our team members are experts when it comes to identifying and eliminating bed bug infestations in homes and businesses. Thanks to the noses of our trusty bed bug detection dogs, we can quickly and effectively identify and exterminate bed bug colonies threatening your home. Ready for us to get to work for you? Give us a call at (888) MRCLEGG and schedule your inspection. We are ready to leap into action defending your home from bed bugs.



Termite Control SolutionsUnfortunately for Smithfield home and business owners, summer is busy season for termites. While we go to work with plug in fans to try and stay cool, termites ferociously attack the walls and foundations of our homes and properties. These insects wake up as temperatures warm during the Spring, and spend the summer going to town on the wood of our homes. Each year, termites cause millions of dollars of property damage across the country. Don’t let your Smithfield residence be part of that number! Keep an eye out for common signs of termites like baseboard damage, bubbling paint on walls or floors, and mud tubes around the exterior of your home. Think you may have a termite infestation, or that termites will come back after treatment? Contact your local pest control heroes at Clegg’s for help! Speak to the team at (888) MRCLEGG and schedule your FREE initial inspection. Our team of termite control pros will talk with you about treatment plan options and work to clean your home of the evil termite scourge. Don’t delay, call today!


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General Pest Control in Smithfield, NC

If you have lived or worked in North Carolina for any period of time, especially during the summer, you know that our lovely state is home to thousands of different species of insects and wildlife. While none of us are surprised to run across them on a hike or walk through the park, all of us are surprised, and rarely pleased, to run into them in our home! With over 50 years of experience in pest control across North Carolina, our Clegg’s team has you covered. We have protection options and General Pest Control treatments for every insect and pest under the NC sun, from spiders to silverfish, rats to roaches, lice to ladybugs. Whatever unwelcome furry or many-legged intruder has found its way into your home, your Clegg’s Smithfield pest control pros are ready to help protect your property. Call us today at (888) MRCLEGG to schedule your FREE General Pest Control Inspection and get back your peace of mind!

Bed Bug Control in Smithfield, NC

Have you noticed dark spots around the cushioned areas of your home like sofas, large chairs, or your bed? Do you have unexplained bites or red marks on your arms or legs? If the answer to either of those questions is ‘yes’, you may have a bed bug infestation in your home. Don’t worry; your Smithfield Clegg’s Pest Control team is here to help. Our customizable bed bug extermination treatments are quick, safe, and effective. Clegg’s bed bug extermination specialists are highly trained in the latest and most effective bed bug control treatments in the industry, and are ready to put that training to work defending your home. We have helped thousands of people in around Smithfield, and throughout NC, to eliminate bed bug infestations and protect their home from future ones. We are ready to put that experience to work for you, defending your home from bed bugs and exterminating any existing colonies. Give us a call today at (888) MRCLEGG and speak to one of our dedicated team members about treatment options for your home or business. Schedule your bed bug inspection today and let our team get to work protecting your property!

Termite Control in Smithfield, NC

North Carolina is covered in thousands of square miles of beautiful woods and forest. However, that means it is also covered in thousands of square miles of termite food. Sometimes those pesky wood-eaters confuse the wood of our homes and businesses for the wood of a fallen log or tree, and can cause incredible amounts of property damage and destruction. Don’t let this happen to your property! For over 50 years Clegg’s Pest Control has worked to identify and exterminate termite colonies in Smithfield and across NC. We use a variety of termite control and treatment solutions to protect your home or business from damage wrought by termite colonies. Damages from these insects can cost thousands of dollars and permanently affect the structural integrity of your home. We here at Clegg’s Pest Control in Smithfield are here to stop that from happening to your property. Call our team at (888) MRCLEGG and schedule your free inspection with our team. We are ready to get to work defending your property from termites, let us go get em!

Wildlife Control in Smithfield, NC

If you have spend time in the beautiful parks and wooded areas around Smithfield, you know that our local area is home to all kinds of fascinating wildlife. However, we think we can all agree that we prefer to see that wildlife outside where it belongs, not inside our homes! Unfortunately for home and business owners, sometimes our furry neighbors of nature forget that they belong outside, and find their way into our basements, attics, and crawlspaces. Animals like rats, mice, bats, squirrels, possums, and raccoons are constantly finding their way into local homes and businesses. That is where our Clegg’s Smithfield team comes in! We have years of experience in wildlife control services, and know all the tricks for catching and removing unwelcome animals and critters from your home or business. Call us at (888) MRCLEGG and we will put that experience to work quickly removing any unwelcome furry visitors from your property.

Moisture Control in Smithfield, NC

If you have spent at least one summer in North Carolina, you know how humid and hot our summer months typically are. While we may love the summer for the warmer temperatures it brings, bugs love it for the humidity. Moisture can build up in your attic or crawlspace during this time, and this can create a breeding  ground for all types of bugs and insects. Part of protecting your home from unwelcome insect infestations is making sure that moisture is minimized in and around your property. Clegg’s can help with that! Part of our pest control treatment strategy is moisture control. We have specialists who employ a variety of techniques to remove and prevent moisture buildup on your property. Want more information, or to speak with one of our moisture control specialists about options for your home? Call (888) MRCLEGG and let our team members talk to you about how we can help protect your property today.

Additional Clegg’s Smithfield Services – Residential & Commercial

Here at Clegg’s Pest Control in Smithfield, we operate with a simple goal: to protect your home or business from unwanted or dangerous pests. In order to do so, we utilize a variety of pest control treatments and strategies. Don’t see your pest above, or curious about what other services we offer to help combat pest infestations? Whether you need commercial pest control solutions for your business, or safe pest control techniques to protect your home and family, we at Clegg’s in Smithfield are your local pest control experts. We will put our 5 decades of experience to work defending and securing your property from insect invasions. Give us a call at (888) MRCLEGG and talk to our team about how we can help to protect your home.

Outstanding Smithfield Pest Control Services

Committed to delivering quality customer service and long-lasting pest protection, Clegg’s can defend your property against a range of pests. To learn more about each of our services, feel free to contact us at (888) MRCLEGG for more information. Our team looks forward to helping you protect your home or business from pests for good so you can spend more time out and about in Smithfield and less time chasing pests around your home. That’s our job!

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