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Mosquito Management and Extermination in Charlotte, NC

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Do you ever go outside to enjoy the weather in your backyard and end up chased by mosquitoes? Running for the protection of indoors only to find bites all over, regardless of the times you smacked yourself in an attempt to ward off the pesky bugs? We know this feeling. In fact, because of North Carolina’s warm and humid climate, everyone around Charlotte knows this miserable feeling! Not to fear, our Clegg’s Pest Control heroes are here to help.

Mosquitoes are a reality that many homeowners face every time it starts to warm up. Bodies of standing water on your property, from a pond to a puddle, can create ideal conditions for mosquitoes to set up shop in your yard for good. Clegg’s Pest Control can help you get rid of mosquitoes, and other pests, for good. We prefer bugs that buzz anyway, like Hugo and the rest of the Charlotte Hornets. Give us a call today at (888) MRCLEGG to talk to a one of our friendly team members about our mosquito extermination services.

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Why do mosquitoes bite humans?

Only female mosquitoes bite humans, as they need the protein in humans’ blood to successfully lay eggs. There are factors that may make you a more attractive target for mosquitoes than others, but no one is left out. Things like blood type, sweat, even the clothing you wear can sway a mosquito’s decision to bite you as opposed to other people around you. For a female mosquito seeking the necessary nutrition to birth offspring, someone sweating heavily and wearing bright colors can look like a buffet.

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Do mosquitoes bite dogs?

Mosquitoes do bite dogs and cats. In areas where fur is thin, such as the stomach ears and nose, mosquitoes can bite your pet and give them the same itching sensation as they give you. Pets are also not immune to the sickness and disease that can come with a bite. However, preventing mosquito bites isn’t as easy as spraying bug spray on your dog–– which is strongly discouraged. They only way to effectively prevent your dog or cat from being bitten by a mosquito is to ensure that your property is properly treated for mosquitoes, which is where we come in!


When are mosquitoes the most and least active?

When mosquitoes are most active depends on the type of mosquito. The Aedes mosquito, the most popular type in Charlotte North Carolina, is more active during the day. They are known to aggressively bite during the morning and afternoon hours. The Culex, however, tends to me more active at night. There are over 60 different species of mosquitoes in North Carolina, each with their own habits and strategies to live and reproduce.

Clegg’s Pest Control is Charlotte’s trusted mosquito exterminator

If mosquitoes are giving you a fit in Charlotte, be sure to give Clegg’s a call. Our exterminators have been serving Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and the rest of North Carolina for over 50 years; we can serve you too! With services that include general pest control, mosquito treatment, termite extermination and much more, you can rely on us for all of your pest control needs!

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