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Mosquito Management & Extermination

Mosquitoes can ruin any nice day outside at your home, as well as fun things like barbecues or outdoor events. Unfortunately thanks to our warm climate and summers here in North Carolina, they are extremely common. Most of us suffer our fair share of mosquito bites before the summer season is finished! If you are suffering from mosquitoes at your home, contact your pest control heroes here at Clegg’s. Our team provides mosquito management services to help control mosquito activity at your home and prevent them from returning. Ready to enjoy your yard in peace without worrying about being attacked by buzzing pests? Call us or schedule your FREE initial inspection through the form below!


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    Any increase in rainfall that causes additional standing water will cause a mosquito population boom. In addition to causing itchy and painful bites and making time spent outdoors unpleasant, mosquitoes can also cause a number of diseases, including West Nile virus, encephalitis, dengue fever, and malaria. The pest control industry has heightened their awareness of the dangers of mosquitoes and how to better protect you against the harm they can cause. If you have a problem with mosquitoes, contact our Clegg’s Pest Control team. You can also help prevent infestation at your home by following the below tips for mosquito prevention.boy runs away from mosquitoes

    Mosquito Prevention Tips

    If we work together, then we can successfully decrease the threat that mosquitoes are causing for ourselves as well as our friends and family. Below are some of the things that you can do to reduce the risk of having your home overrun with mosquitoes:

    • Mesh material should be used for screen windows, doors, and other openings. The mesh should be 18 x 18 strands per square inch or finer. Make sure to seal all screen edges, and keep doors and windows shut to prevent the mosquitoes from entering your home.
    • Only wear long-sleeved shirts and long-legged pants that preferably have been treated with a repellent when possible outdoors to avoid bites.
    • If possible, stay indoors during dusk and dawn since mosquitoes are most active during these 2 time periods.
    • Quick infestations often occur when standing water sources including bird baths, ponds, unfiltered pools, etc. are not being cleaned each week and replaced with fresh water. These sites are a prime target for mosquito breeding grounds.
    • Use insect repellent on exposed skin when outdoors.
    • Introduce mosquito-eating fish (gambusia, green sunfish, bluegills, minnows) to standing water sources.
    • Trash or unneeded vegetation that cannot be changed, dumped, or removed that is sitting around standing water sources should be removed.

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    Why hire a professional like Clegg’s?

    Hiring a professional to help with your mosquito management will not only save you time and money in the long run but it is also a much safer solution for you and your family. At Clegg’s, we will get it done right the first time. You won’t have to stress about finding the best solution or products. Our experienced exterminators will quickly identify and treat your problems, saving you time. Store bought chemicals for pest control contain many ingredients that aren’t always safe for you or your family. If they are not applied correctly, you could potentially harm yourself, children, or pets. Professionals are just that, experienced and educated in the process and by hiring one, most risk is removed for you. If you have problems with mosquitoes at your home, contact our Clegg’s pest control heroes and let us get to work returning your peace of mind today!


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