Wolf Spiders

Description of Pest: Black widow spiders live throughout warmer regions and are prevalent throughout North Carolina. They tend to live in dark, cluttered areas like woodpiles, rock piles and generally any dark area that is unlikely to be disturbed.

Size: 1 inch on average.

Color: Variations of brown and usually they are covered with fine hairs.

Habitat: Being terrestrial, they live in burrows often deep underground. You will normally find Carolina Wolf spiders outside of your home and likely within your garden where terrestrial insects are more likely to frequent.

Food: Wide variety of insects, but mostly terrestrial ones such as beetles or roaches. They will also eat flying insects such as mosquitoes, and as such can be beneficial.

Behavior: Wolf spiders are generally skittish and will avoid confrontation at all costs. They prefer to avoid potential predators rather than bite. However when provoked or in a corner, they can turn aggressive. Wolf spiders do have a bite that can be painful, so caution should always be taken, though bites are extremely rare. A common defensive technique is to rear up on their hind legs and display their fangs.

Prevention: As with most spiders, sealing any entryways to your home will prevent an infestation. Cracks in walls and seals, windows, doorways, etc. should all be attended to. While they are more of a nuisance pest than a dangerous one, you should still contact a pest control professional if you begin to see large numbers of them in and around your home.

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