Does Bleach Kill Ants?

No one likes discovering ants in their home. Many people feel uncomfortable or grossed out when they see ants marching through their kitchen or around

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Bugs Are in My Couch

Do you have bugs in your couch? Creepers in the cushions? No matter how often you clean your home or office, couches, sofas, and chairs

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Roaches in drains

Did you spot a roach leaving or entering a drain in your sink or shower? You’re not alone. Most homeowners encounter this problem at some

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COVID-19 Update

We understand that many of our friends, neighbors, and clients may be concerned about the spreading of COVID-19. The safety and health of our clients

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What Are Termite Swarmers?

Many people are familiar with the common pests called termites, but we get asked often “what is the difference in termites and termite swarmers?”, and

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How Long Do Flies Live?

If you think that flies only live for twenty-four hours, we’ve got news for you. This common misconception leads many people to try to wait

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