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Pest Control in Burlington, NC


Burlington NC

There aren’t many things as frustrating as spotting a spider scurry under a couch or an ant pop up in the kitchen. You might feel like you could clean every day and those pesky critters would still make their way into your house! While seeing them can be frustrating, Clegg’s Pest Control is here to help. We are proud to serve Burlington with the latest pest control techniques and technology to protect you and your home or business.

At Clegg’s, our highly trained team provides a variety of effective and safe pest control treatments that are customizable to fit your needs. We also offer a free inspection to help you determine the best course of action; call us today at 888-MRCLEGG speak with a pest control hero to start turning your home or business from buggy to beautiful.

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Termite Extermination in Burlington

Termites are like invisible villains, never seen or heard, and usually only discovered once it’s too late. But choose Clegg’s and you’ll have a pest control hero on your side, working to bring those wood-eating pests down. One of the best ways to keep termites at bay is by being preventative, which is why we’re happy to offer a FREE termite inspection. However, if you think a team of termites has already made your house their home, we know how to evict them. These signs could signal a termite infestation, so call us if you notice:

  • Baseboard cracking
  • Sagging floors
  • Peeling paint
  • Hollow wood

If your home or business has evidence of termites, act now. Our free inspection will give you the information you need, and our Clegg’s team will be able to suggest a custom plan of action. With more than 50 years of experience in termite control and extermination, we are prepared and eager to help you keep these critters out of your home for good.

Termite ControlBed Bug Extermination in Burlington


They’re troublesome, hard to spot, and pose health risks for your family and pets – meet the bed bug. These tiny bugs are often tough to spot with the eye and can leave you feeling itchy and miserable all day. If you think you might have bed bugs, check for these signs. (These are also good things to look for when traveling and staying in a hotel room or Airbnb!)

  • Brown, rust colored spots at the edges or corners of the bed
  • Red, itchy bites
  • Musty odor
  • Small, brown exoskeletons

If you see any of these signs, bed bugs are probably the culprit. Let us help you get back to enjoying a good night’s sleep – call our Clegg’s Pest Control termite exterminators at 888-MRCLEGG and learn how easy it is to fight these irritating insects.

Did you know our team of experts has its very own bed bug detection dogs? That’s right! Our bed bug control dogs are the sidekicks to our pest control heroes, and they help us identify every bed bug location so we can remove them all the first time. Enjoy proven results backed by 50 years of experience when you trust the Clegg’s Pest Control team. Contact us online for your free bed bug inspection today!

Mosquito Management and Maintenance in Burlington, NC

mosquito management service burlington, nc

Backyards are for spending time with friends and family. When the weather is just right nothing beats grilling out with loved ones. We all have found that it is very hard to kick back and relax at a cookout when you are being swarmed by mosquitoes and itching your legs every few seconds because of their bites. It’s inconvenient and downright irritating. If you are having a mosquito issue in your home or business space, it’s time to have the professionals take a look! 

Cleggs Pest Control has been serving the community for over 50 years. We have learned a few tricks of the trade that we would be more than happy to pass along in order to keep your space mosquito free. We offer FREE initial pest inspections and would love to help you get rid of these pesky mosquitoes for good! Call us today at (888) MRCLEGG or fill out an online request form to learn more about our mosquito management options today! 

Moisture Control in Burlington, NC

Have you seen an increase in pests lately at your home or business? Are there other issues occurring in your space that are just out of the norm; such as cracks in drywall or door frames? You may have a moisture problem. Excessive moisture can contribute to a slew of issues in a home or business, and if you are not acting preventatively, small problems can very quickly escalate to big problems. 

Our moisture control professionals at Cleggs are experienced in removing excess moisture and installing systems to prevent moisture buildup from occurring. Because pests thrive in moist environments, keeping the moisture levels of your home or business in the correct range is key to maintaining a pest free space. We would love to partner with you in your pest control needs, so give us a call today at (888) MRCLEGG to schedule your FREE initial inspection and learn more about our pest control options!

Pest Control in Alamance County

Alamance County is located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Nestled between Greensboro and Raleigh, Alamance County is home to the town of Burlington and a few suburbs that surround it. With all the traffic back and forth from Greensboro to Raleigh, Burlington gets quite the large amount of traffic and visitors throughout the week. With the commuters passing through, it’s no surprise that business owners want their business to be accommodating and ready to serve customers. Part of keeping a business clean and suitable to patrons is keeping the space pest free. If someone is visiting your business and sees a cockroach scurry across the floor, word may get around and this could greatly hurt your

General Pest Control in Burlington

When it comes to unwelcome pest guests in your home, we’ve seen it all. Spiders, ants roaches, if it creeps or crawls we can get it out of your house! There is no problem too big or too small, and the sooner you call the team of pest control heroes at Clegg’s, the sooner we can get you back to enjoying what really matters!

We are proud to have served our neighbors and friends throughout North Carolina for the past 50 years, and we look forward to many more. Trust us to keep you and your family comfortable and safe and call us today at 888-MRCLEGG for a free inspection, custom treatment plan, and friendly service.

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