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Concord is one of the fastest growing cities in North Carolina. With a rapidly growing population, the city is not immune to an equally rapid growth in pest issues. At Clegg’s Pest Control, we are here to serve the people of Concord and the rest of Cabarrus County. We believe bugs belong in Frank Liske Park, not your kitchen. With over 50 years of experience in bug extermination and other pest extermination services, we know what it takes to rid pests and keep them away! Call us at (888) MRCLEGG today and let us get to work defending your home from pests!

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General Pest Control and Bug Extermination in Concord

Our treatment services include more than what is listed above. Clegg’s specialists have faced every kind of bug there is. Refer to our common bugs page for help in identifying a bug seen around your home. It often seems there exists more species of bugs than can be counted! For quality and lasting pest control, call (800) MRCLEGG for a free inspection and $45 off initial general pest control services.

Ant Control

There are fewer bugs harder to keep away than ants. First you have to identify the source of where they are coming from, and then you need to treat them so they don’t come back. Because there are so many different kinds of ants, treatment may look differently for your specific need. It’s important to know what ants are drawn to so you can act preventatively. Ants are typically attracted to standing water, leftover crumbs, and sweet smells. If you are a home or business owner, there are things you can do to help prevent ants. This includes things like:

  • Cleaning up any standing water around sinks and countertops
  • Picking up wet linens off the floor promptly
  • Wiping up leftover crumbs left on counters and tables
  • Cleaning up any pet food from the ground
  • Rinsing recycled cans and containers before placing them into recycling bins

Doing these things will help deter ants but there is no guarantee that it will totally prevent them. Call Cleggs today to set up a FREE initial inspection and let our team go to work ridding your home or business of ants.

Roach Control

Seeing a roach crawl by is both unexpected and downright gross. Cockroaches have a tendency to have a reputation of being found in unclean spaces, but they can find their way into the cleanest of homes as well. If you have seen a cockroach in your home or business, call our team at Cleggs Pest Control. Our friendly and professional team will work to determine the best treatment and preventative options for you and your home. Pests can be hard to get rid of, let us do the work!

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Termite Control and Extermination

If you are experiencing problems with termites in your home or place of work, you are not alone. Termites reside in many parts of North Carolina and around Charlotte due to the warm and humid climate. If you are unsure whether termites have invaded your space, keep an eye out for these warning signs found in the wooded areas of your property:

  • Structural damage of areas
  • Bubbling, peeling or flaking of paint
  • Discoloration of wood or paint
  • Hollow sound when knocking

If you notice any of these occurring within your home or business, give Clegg’s Pest Control a call immediately at (888) MRCLEGG to request a free inspection! Our experienced termite extermination staff will have termites racing out of your home faster than the cars in Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Bed Bug Control and Extermination

The last place you want to see a bug is in your bed. Now, consider the fact that most bed bugs are only visible to a trained eye. If you believe that bugs could be crawling in your bed with you, give Clegg’s Pest Control a call at (888) MRCLEGG. One of our expert technicians would be happy to inspect your home to determine if bed bugs are present around your bed, cushion furniture, or other areas.

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Pest Control and Extermination in Cabarrus County

Cabarrus County is home to many people, including all of us who live in Concord. Having a professional pest control team in your corner is essential if you own a home or property. Cleggs Pest Control would love to serve you and add you to the Clegg’s family! Fill out a request online or call us. We offer FREE initial inspections and will work with you to develop a preventative maintenance plan that works best for your specific needs.

Why Clegg’s Pest Control?

Our business is more like a family. Owned and operated by generation after generation of the Clegg family, we have served other families in the North Carolina community for over 50 years. What started out as a friend helping a friend has turned into a family helping other families. With branches in 13 cities across the state, our services extend to every corner of North Carolina. Our Charlotte, NC Clegg’s Pest Control branch protects our neighbors in Concord. We are licensed by the NC Department of Agriculture; our treatment methods are safe and effective. At Clegg’s Pest Control, you will always be in good hands.

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