Mole Control

Mole Control


Do you have dirt mounds or tunnels in your well-manicured lawn? If so, you may have a problem with moles. These small and furry mammals spend their time underground. And while they are carnivorous and prefer to eat insects and worms, they can certainly be destructive to your property.

A mole is an insectivore, which means that they spend most of their lives living underground. They have poor vision, but a very good sense of hearing and touch which helps them detect their environment and prey. Their forelimbs are powerful and are rotated outward from their body. The motion that they use with their front limbs is similar to swimming the breaststroke and this, along with their broad claws, help them dig. Their nesting chambers can be as deep as 15 feet underground. They are active all year long and they only go to the surface to seek water and gather nest materials.


Since moles do not eat plants, they actually destroy your yard in indirect ways. When they are looking for worms, they can scrape dirt away from the root system and remove the plants’ source of nourishment. In addition, since moles spend their time underground, the tunnels that they create can allow for other animals to come and eat away at the roots of your plants and shrubs.

While these are very interesting animals, most homeowners would agree that they do not want them ruining their property. In order to prevent moles, contact Clegg’s. We have an experienced team of experts that can help remediate moles in your yard. Clegg’s uses Bell Labs’ TALPIRID bait to kill moles and prevent them from doing more damage. This bait works by resembling the mole’s natural food, the earthworm. Upon application, your well-manicured lawn will be free of these pests in no time. We offer one-time mole remediation services as well as year-round protection options.

If moles have caused a problem in your yard, contact Clegg’s.