Wildlife Control

Nuisance Wildlife

Wildlife belongs outside – not in your living space. Whether bats have invaded your attic, or you have an opossum in your crawlspace, Clegg’s Termite & Pest Control has the trained personnel to address your nuisance wildlife needs.

For our residential customers these occasional invaders may include bats, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, foxes, coyotes, and snakes. We have an experienced team of wildlife experts that has been trapping these animals for quite some time and knows the tricks of the trade. Clegg’s also provides this Wildlife Exclusion service for many of its commercial customers in addition to Bird Exclusion.

If wildlife has moved into your house, contact Clegg’s. We can move them back out!


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Some common signs you have an unwanted wild resident:

  • Scratching noises coming from the attic, crawl space or walls
  • Areas near the roof where the soffit or fascia has been pulled or damaged, potentially allowing access to your attic
  • Screening or vents have been pulled away, allowing access to your crawl space
  • Animal spoor in the attic or crawl space
  • Signs of nesting material in either space