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Are pests in Wake Forest invading your home? Call Clegg’s Pest Control!

What a great place to live, Wake Forest. So great that, unfortunately, bugs and termites have long decided to settle here too. Clegg’s Pest Control knows this all too well. Going back more than 50 years, our expert technicians at Clegg’s have served and protected the town of Wake Forest from unwanted intruders. When the weather turns warm, we believe you should spend less time worrying about bugs and more time hanging out in E. Carroll Joyner Park or swimming in Falls Lake. If pests are inviting themselves into your home, be sure to call Clegg’s Pest Control at (888) MRCLEGG and turn away unwanted pests for good.

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Effective and Lasting Termite Control in Wake Forest, NC

As many residents know, Termites are a major nuisance to Wake County, Franklin County and the rest of North Carolina. These insects thrive in the warm and moist climate that is typical for the piedmont region. The issue is that they love hanging out in the wooded areas of your house as much as we love hanging out at Friday Night on White! Keep an eye out for the following around the wooded areas of your home:

  • Structural damage
  • Paint beginning to bubble, peel or flake
  • Color of paint or wood altars
  • Knocking produces a hollowed-out sound

If you begin to notice any of these occurrences around your home or business, do not hesitate to call our Clegg’s Pest Control team at (888) MRCLEGG.


Contact Clegg’s for Quality Bed Bug Control in Wake Forest, NC

No one wants to share a bed with bugs. Keep yourself, your spouse and your children protected from bugs by requesting a free inspection from Clegg’s Pest Control. Our experienced bed bug extermination technicians will comb through your home with a trained eye to ensure you haven’t fallen victim to a bed bug invasion. If you prefer to keep your bed clear of unwanted intruders, call (888) MRCLEGG today and sleep with some peace of mind.


General Pest Control in Wake Forest, NC

Having served the people of this state for more than 50 years, there is not a bug out there we have not seen and exterminated. Our services go well beyond termites and bed bugs. You can refer to our common bugs page to see all the pests we have come into contact with over the years. The list is not limited to insects; we treat varmint and rodents as well. For inquiries on what we treat, call (888) MRCLEGG, one of our representatives will be happy to help you.

Why Clegg’s Pest Control?

When people ask “Why Clegg’s?”, our answer is “Family”. Our business started out as a minister protecting his church, and has grown into a family protecting other families. Throughout our 50 year history, we have stuck to our roots; we have served our community in hopes of making it stronger. As Phil Clegg once said, “satisfied customers make our business”. We hope you will give us the chance to serve you, your family and your community. In return we will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction.