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It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare – seeing a cockroach scurry across their floor. Did you know that roaches can be found in your home regardless of how clean you keep it? It’s true; roaches are not necessarily attracted to dirty home, but rather a home that provides a warm, moist place to comfortably live. Do not be discouraged if you see a roach in your home, it is possible they are entering through unnoticed opening into your house. With the help of one of our experienced technicians, Clegg’s Pest Control will help get your house clean of any roaches and make sure they stay gone!

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Do cockroaches sleep?


Cockroaches do sleep, but now how mammals do. Rather, they have activity patterns in which they are out and about some hours of the day and resting and hiding during others. Roaches are most active at night when you turn the lights off around your house. They come out and seek food and water while they know they are least likely to run into you. During the day, or while you have lights on, roaches are hiding in cracks or behind furniture to avoid any conflict. You could call this their “sleep” time.


What months do roaches come out?


Cockroaches thrive when the weather is warm. However, this doesn’t mean you will stop seeing roaches when the weather turns cold. During the summer months they are out and about, whether in your house or not. However, during the winter roaches will search for the warmest spot to hibernate. That spot is someone’s house more often than not! During the winter, roaches will hide in walls, furniture, or other hidden places around your house, often in groups.

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Why do roaches like cardboard?


Roaches like cardboard mainly because it not only provides them a satisfying meal, but also shelter and protection. Roaches’ stomachs contain a special bacteria that allows them to eat anything they can. This includes sewage, dirt, and especially cardboard. They also use cardboard to live and lay eggs in because of its stiff but moist structure. Mother roaches will crawl in between cardboard walls and lay eggs– often producing hundreds of offspring at a time.


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