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What does termite damage on baseboards look like?

What does termite damage on baseboards look like?


Unfortunately for North Carolina home and business owners, termites are all too common in our state. Thanks to the forest and woods that cover our state from coast to mountains, NC is a home to thousands of thriving colonies of termites. While many colonies keep to themselves in the woods and feast on the dead wood of fallen trees or plant life, too often termite colonies mistake the wood of our homes or businesses for plants and can cause thousands of dollars in property damages. One of the most common ways to identify a potential termite infestation at your property is to look for signs of damages around the baseboards of your property. Therefore, one of the questions that our termite control technicians get all the time from customers is: what does termite damage on baseboards look like? How can I tell if I have termites in my house?


Termite damage on baseboard can look different depending on the style of your baseboards and home, but there are some common signs across infestations. Take a look at these pictures below, and notice the similarities. Most baseboards in the below examples of termite infestations have peeling or flaking present, and clearly look to be damaged. If the baseboards or walls of your home or business look anything like these examples, call us right away at (888) MRCLEGG and schedule an inspection with one of our termite specialists.



termite damage on baseboard in home


Example 1

Notice in this example of termite baseboard damage how the top of the baseboard has been virtually destroyed, and it appears to be almost shredded by the termites. This example was of a wall corner behind a door, and you can see how it could be difficult to identify if the door was kept open. If you have damage like this in your home, call us and schedule termite control treatment for your property immediately.







extensive termite damage on baseboard in North Carolina

Example 2

In this photo of termite baseboard damage, you can see that the destruction is smaller than in the previous photo. However, that does not mean that the infestation is any less serious! Notice how the paint and top layers of wood have been almost stripped off. If you notice anything like this in your home, even if you think it could have been caused by a pet or another person, you should call us an schedule an inspection to make sure termites are not the cause.







example of termite damage to baseboard and wall

Example 3

The damage in this photo is quite extensive, and at first glance you may wonder how it went unnoticed for so long. However, in this particular photo, the termite baseboard damage was hidden behind dressers and the homeowners did not recognize the termite infestation for a long time. This is why it was able to develop to such an extreme level. If you are concerned that you may have termites, make sure to check behind furniture on walls like dressers or nightstands to be sure that there is no damage hidden from view.






peeling baseboard from termite damageExample 4

In this photo you see termite damage to baseboards that has not yet progressed to a point where it may be obvious to the untrained eye. At this point it would be easy, especially in an older home, to simply assume that the damage seen here is natural, or due to age. However, that is not the case. This is termite damage on these baseboards, and the evidence is in the lines of paint that have been stripped off, or appear to “flaking”. If you notice any slight damage like this to the baseboards of your home, it is possible that you may have a termite infestation. Call our team right away at (888) MRCLEGG and schedule your inspection.


Think you may have termites? Call Clegg’s!

If you have noticed damage to the baseboards in your home that looks similar to the photos above, call or text our Clegg’s Pest Control team at (888) MRCLEGG. Even if you think there could be another cause for the damage, it is always better to play it safe than risk thousands of dollars in property damage. Our Clegg’s termite technicians can quickly identify if your home or business has termites, and prescribe a quick and effective form of treatment. Plus, we have termite payment plans and financing available for every budget. Don’t wait for the infestation to worsen, call our Clegg’s Pest Control team today and let us get to work defending your home from current and future termite infestation!


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