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Ant Control in Asheville, NC

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They go one by one, marching into your home or business like they own the place. When you have ants, it can be pinpoint where they’re coming from or how to get them to stop. That’s where our team of pest control professionals comes in! There are several varieties of ants and they require different approaches. Our ant extermination experts will assess your unique situation and create a custom treatment plan to keep them marching on past your residence.

We are proud to be locally owned and operated and have been serving our friends and neighbors across North Carolina with quality pest control for over five decades. With an office in Asheville, we are here for all of your pest problems and look forward to providing you with a bug-free environment. If you’d like an inspection, we offer free ones! Call us at (888) MRCLEGG today to speak with a member of our team for more details.

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Why Do I Have Ants in My Home?

Food and water are the main reasons ants will come into your home. They are food motivated and travel together, meaning that once one finds its way to your kitchen, so do all its friends! Shelter is another reason ants might come into your home. If it’s especially hot or cold, or they are seeking escape from predators, your home looks like a safe haven, even the dishwasher can be an ant sanctuary.  Are you experiencing an ant problem? Don’t worry! Our team of highly trained pest professionals uses the latest techniques and safest practices to provide a solution that will solve your ant problem, regardless of the species that’s currently making a home in your residence.  

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How many species of ants exist?


Thousands. There are more than 12,000 different species of ants around the world, with over 1,000 of them found here in North America. That’s a lot of ants! Knowing which one is in your home or business is important in creating a treatment plan. Be on the lookout for these common ant species here in North Carolina: black ants, field ants, fire ants, carpenter ants, and odorous house ants. If you’ve spotted an ant or have been dealing with ants for a while now, call us for a free inspection. We’ll be able to come up with a custom treatment plan in a pressure-free environment for your specific situation

Can Ants Damage My Home?

While it’s not common, it is possible. Your average black ant probably won’t do much damage, but other ants, like carpenter ants, are known to damage wooden structures with their tunneling. If left untreated, your home could sustain damage, so it’s better to treat your ant problem sooner rather than later.

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How Do I Know What Species of Ant I Have?

Some are easily identifiable, like the fire ant or the black ant. Other species can be harder to identify. Our pest control experts can help identify the species taking over your home or business when they come to your residence for your free inspection.  

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Whether you have a recurring ant problem every year or are seeing these little guys for the first time, our team can help you find the perfect solution for keeping ants out. Our team of pest control heroes are here to battle those bugs for you, and we invite you to take advantage of our free inspection. Contact us here online or call us at (888) MRCLEGG to get started!


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