Carpenter Ants

  • Large ants, usually black or black/red.
  • Length > 1/4 inch.
  • Workers of several sizes. Swarmers larger w/ unequal wings.
  • Forage long distances, about the length of a football field.
  • Carpenter ants have one node (circled) and an evenly rounded thorax.
  • Carpenters vary is color and size but most are large and a blackish color.
  • Parent colony lives in constant moisture. Satellite colonies are usually involved in infestations. Carpenter ants are most active at night, and the sound of a colony resembles that of wrinkling up cellophane. Colonies may exist in several areas including: wood, wall voids, hollow voids, under insulation, etc.
  • Treatment usually involves the use of a dust and/or aerosol to flush out the existing

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